Archive Monthly Archives: March 2013

My First Blog Post

Ok this is pretty hilarious and I’m chuckling some as i write this… but I’m going to bare it all (not literally) in my quest to attempt to become a blogger. I’m documenting this for a couple reasons.. one is to try and get past a fear of being shy and expose my real self. […]

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Testing – Q Category – Q Sciences #1

Back again with test #2 … need to stay on point here my brain is so far ahead of my task at hand. Keep it real Brett this is going to be a process… you can do it. This one obviously is going into the Q category…and I’ll most likely delete out these testers anyway. […]

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Test – Testing – Tester

Okay… the title might give it away – this is a test.  But although a test still my first post on my first blog…yippee!!  Okay children settle down. Seriously though..reading and following the instructions…I was told to do a couple tests and categorize, so okay we shall put this one in Blogging/Learning and teaching. Hola, […]

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