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Jetpack… multi-function plugin. Let’s try it out.

Greetings Friends. Hoping everyone’s having a great month of June and that all’s well with you. We’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about this Jetpack plugin. It actually originated with In fact you have to open a account first (that’s the auto blog side of WordPress hosted by them) to get it […]

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Customizing Your WordPress Blog with Themes

Ok so it didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not going to get the look I wanted with only plugins, widgets, and sidebars. I’ve learned one of the things that makes WordPress so popular is how customizable it is, and custom themes are definitely the way to go. Make your site […]

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Inserting Images into Posts and Pages

Adding images to your posts is easy…just place your cursor where you want the image to go and click on the Add Media button   This can be mid-sentence and you can easily change the size of the image, or you can put on a line by itself.       You can select for […]

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