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There’s much to do and much to learn. All within the range of my abilities I’m sure, but I can tell already that knowing where to go, how to get there, and to whom and how to ask the questions will be vital to streamlining this process. At first glance it appears a little overwhelming, but we’ll get her sorted out. There are many resources and places to go for this help….the Forum, Codex, FAQ’s, Help Page, Search Engine, How To’s, Getting Started Giude, and one I just found that looks very promising the all-in-one Learning Center which is great. Some of these overlap, but it’s slowly coming together for me as far as knowing what’s what and who’s who.

It will take some time…reading and this shall be my next project. I have a start to it – quite a few pages bookmarked in somewhat of the proper order I believe. Sometimes it’s hard to force myself to stay back and read everything, and tempting to jump forward to the next phase whatever that is. But I know it will be best to read and study now to get my thoughts together and organized. No sense in jumping all over the place when I don’t know where I’m going… need a map and a plan for sure. I’ll be in touch soon with my progress. For those who want to follow, this is the tedious part I would say and I can do it for you so as to direct you properly and accordingly….stay tuned.


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John Russell says May 25, 2013

Time to plot out a direction in which you wish to go on paper then start moving on it. I have been building sites for about 5 years so if there is anything I can do to help just ask.

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