How To Resize, or “stretch” photos

Have you ever run into a situation that required a certain size photo, and the photo you wanted to use just wouldn’t work. Maybe the borders get cut off, or there’s text on the bottom or top that won’t show, or worse the pic won’t even load. Maybe you get an error that says your image must be so many pixels, etc. Maybe you want a header for a blog or facebook page, which requires a long narrow pic, and the one you want to use is square.


I know I sure have.


And have you ever thought it would be nice to have one place for your photos…online…. in case your computer ever crashed. Or so you didn’t have to use all your free space. Or just to be more organized.


Same here…so I began poking around to get some answers.


Seems I’m a little behind the times here. Managing, resizing, and editing photos… there’s a lot to it. One can get as in-depth as they want with Photoshop, or the quick and easy with some of the other free editing softwares available online.

I’m sure there are a ton of photo managing sites out there, and the last thing i want to do is spend a great deal of time searching around. My guess is they all do basically the same things… or at least enough for my needs.

promo-editor-3So I ended with Photobucket. Not sure how or why…just stumbled across it I guess. It’s a great free site that will store, organize, manage, share, and edit all your photos. Create slide shows, connect with others, and browse their extensive library by category… grab the ones your like and share.


I can definitely see some uses here, and I will do just that… but the photo editing is not sufficient enough for my needs.The whole reason I got onto this track was to not just enlarge, or shrink photos, but to “stretch”, or alter the widths and heights independently…to change the shape…. and to add text onto the photos. Many editors will not allow this… they only resize while keeping the same proportions or ratios. What starts square ends square. So the search continued.


I found this site for resizing that I can recommend after using it…the ads on the page can be annoying but it’s free and simple to use. Resize My … 3 step process….load file, choose desired size, and click to finish. Bam done. Keep in mind when stretching.. or lengthening beyond the original ratios, can cause distortion, so don’t get too carried away.


When to Resize a Picture


      Sometimes, you need to resize your picture to fit in a given space, or to be sent through email without being bounced for being too large. You may also need to perform a picture resize if a forum or blog requires that your “avatar” picture be set to a certain height and width. Other times, it can be useful to resize a picture for a website rather than using the <img> tag’s width and height attributes. If you use the <img> tag to scale an image, you may be using up bandwidth sending a large picture that is only going to be resized anyway. Resizing the picture to its final dimensions can also significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to download the picture, since the file size will be smaller.


Go from this                               To this

  931194_239782052827989_595115102_n                Resized - Copy (3)              



So that’s great for resizing, but what about adding text within a photo.

I assumed Photoshop would be the answer, until I discover that I, and most others, have a photo editor already installed on my computer that get’s the job done just fine. Microsoft Paint isn’t just for drawing pictures…really? You mean I can edit photos as well?

And so it turns out..that yes I can use Paint to resize, alter, and stretch my photos…and I can add the text like I wanted. I did some today and it’s fairly simple. If you have PC, go to your Start Menu, click All Programs, find the Accessories folder, and open Paint. In Paint, click on the Help => Help Topics… and enjoy.

Finished Product


Resized - Copy2






In another post soon I’ll do a “How To” video with screen shots for those that can benefit.



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