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Greetings friends and hope all’s well today…

We don’t have any set order or structure in moving from topic to topic…well i guess because we are learning as we go..same as some of you I’m sure. So excuse us if we appear to be jumping around some. The thing is if we spent all our time figuring and deciding what to do next or what order everything should be, we wouldn’t get anything down. Sometimes i guess we must come to the realization that although it may not seem perfect, or anywhere near perfect, it’s best to just get it out…write it down…log it…post it… get it out.

I can recall finding and reading some material about what to blog about… what topics to use. Some of the articles mentioned going online and to some “article websites” and grabbing the content. That’s fine I guess in some instances or for some people, and it is a subject we will cover in the future. But my original idea of blogging I think was coming from the ideals of learning how to create my own material…to a degree. It might be a little rough… but it’s my rough.

I’m not the most intellectual person in the world, and at times I’m amazed when I see how some people can write, and I find myself thinking if I try hard enough then maybe I could write like them… but soon the realization sets in that I just spent hours trying to say the right thing in the right way. Well to heck with all that it doesn’t work. At least not for me… if I’m to start blogging then by gosh just start blogging.

I love to write…. but I don’t realize I love to write, or even that I can wrrite, until I just start writing. Something will come out. This post is a perfect example. I’m leaving the original post name above for all the world to see, as an example…my original intent for this post was to be about photos… and see here all this is what came out. HA.

So having said all that, we will cover the photo’s and much much more. Now I could simply delete all this and get back to the post originally intended because this isn’t the way it was supposed to be. Or… I could simply hit the publish button and be done with it.. another day another post. This took me all of 10 minutes to write. Maybe sometimes the faster the better… maybe it becomes more real.

Yes I think that’s what will be done… these are my thoughts I’m sharing, and the more I share the easier it may become. And the more I write, the more I will find to write about.

Stay tuned for more blogging stuff.We are getting closer to getting into the driving traffic and the monetizing phase. I know it’s there somewhere.

Thanks and have a greeat day



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John Russell says September 30, 2013

You got this Brett!

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