Adding Banners and Buttons To Your WordPress Blog

Adding Banners To Your WordPress Blog

Adding banners to your WordPress blog is a simple process.


We are using the zeeStyle custom theme by ThemeZee sometimes referred to as Fremium WordPress Themes. This is all inhouse…Wordpress offers a variety of these themes as free add-ons to change the feel and look of your blog as you wish. They come equipped with different widgets to customize further… one of those being the ThemeZee Banner Ads Widget. Just point, click, and slide the widget over to your sidebar and it’s activated. One more step at the Theme Options page to load the ones you want and it’s done. You can see the block of 125 x 125 ads to the right of this post.

Adding Banners To Your WordPress Blog

Adding Banners To Your WordPress Blog







Another widget offered by WordPress and that came with our blog upon installation is the Image Widget. This essentially makes banners as well in larger sizes for more variety. Click on the images and you’ll see they are linked to go wherever you want them to go.

Social media buttons are also a point, click, and slide. You can see these at the top of the sidebar. WordPress really does make it incredibly simple to add these features…something anyone can do.

We’ll be talking more about themes, and headers, and monetizing the blog. We are still under construction but we invite you to follow along as we progress.You are going to see a sales funnel or lead generation system go up very soon, along with better personal customization…so stay tuned… lots coming.


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