Learning the Attraction Mindset and What It Means to Your Business

Attraction Mindset – how does it affect your business?

Training is critical to your internet marketing success. Training that will bring about the attraction  mindset that is necessary in today’s competitive online world. Things are not Attraction Mindsetwhat they used to be. There was a time when a good product, a good opportunity, or a good compensation plan was enough to win over the “opportunists” lurking about on the internet. Not any more. There are products and opportunities everywhere…some are good and some not so good, but they are everywhere. Having “just another one” is not sufficient. It is a requirement now to separate your offering and yourself from all the others… and it’s you that’s going to make the difference. You MUST be offering something that will attract others to YOU…to give them a reason for choosing YOU over all the others.

Making the transformation and obtaining that attraction mindset will require a shift in your thinking. It’s a process, and in the process you will go through some changes. I’m experiencing this now… my thinking is changing. Understanding the “learning process” is part of this, and the realization of the need to work downstream naturally with an easy flow, as opposed to the constant battle of working upstream with constant resistance, has been a tremendous help.

The Learning Process – Preparation => Inputting => Processing => Application => Check & Adjust

Preparation – priming your mind, becoming open and resistant free to bringing in new data, ideas, and changes.The Learning Process Image

Inputting – taking in the data, being conscious … everyone does this.

Processing – this is the hard part and where the real learning takes place… consistent and regular training, retaining tasks and exercises.

Application – putting into motion,performing tasks, taking action and applying what you’re learned.

Check and Adjust – apply, test, change, reapply, test again.

Learning is one thing… leveraging that learning into acting, and progressing, is quite another. Becoming habitual in your daily actions is the end goal and the next phase. We must reach a motivation, and sustain that motivation, to carry us to the next levels. There are three forms of motivation… external, internal, and sustainable.

External Motivation – outside or external sources, challenges & contests with rewards, leader boards, rank advancements.3 Forms of Motivation JPEG

Internal Motivation – self desire, internal drive, goals, your vision & your mission, your “WHY”.

Sustainable Motivation – this is the break-through and it comes from not quitting, seeing it through the ups and downs, getting to the other side, CONSISTENT ACTION OVER TIME

5 Year Goal JPEGMy mentor has a special exercise for her students to help maintain that motivation and help the dream or goal become more tangible. Find yourself a smooth flat rock, one that will fit in your hand, or that you can put on a desktop somewhere nearby your work station.  Use a good felt pen or a small paintbrush and write or paint your 5 year goal on one side – be realistic, yet ambitious – and on the other side write the reason why you deserve it. A declaration of intent. She calls these Renegade rocks, for her Renegade Marketing Team.

That’s a long term goal..which can feel so lofty and so far away, am I right? There 5 Year Goal JPEGneeds to be short term goals and accomplishments along the way to sustain that motivation. Another exercise we do, and this is one that has been a HUGE help to me, is the EOD, SOD, and EOW project. This brings it down to daily action.

EOD – end of day report
SOD – start of day report,
EOW – end of week report

The EOD exercise is a community activity for many of us, and is instrumental in keeping ourselves accountable. We post our EOD’s in the group so we can monitor and encourage others, as we monitor and encourage ourselves. For me it’s an individual time management checker. Keeps me on task. I think about my EOD throughout the day and make my list as I go. How is it going to look at the end of the day if it’s blank?…well then I’m not working my business. If I’m not structuring my activities, and if I cannot categorize those activities into income producing, mindset training, networking training, or team support activities, then I’m off task, and out of sync.

Learning the Attraction Mindset and applying yourself is a MUST!


Brett Gurney

Striving for Excellence


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