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Business Athlete: Grind…But Keep It Fun

Business Athlete

Business Athlete… it’s work, but you can keep it fun too.

Do you find it hard keeping the right mindset and mental attitude for staying on task in building your online business?mindset for success

Are you also having trouble keeping it enjoyable?.

Here are some tips or ideas that might help ..and 5 actions that leaders take every day to keep things moving.

Yep it’s a grind all right, but no one said it was going to be easy. We must develop a Be, Do, Have mentality.. and here comes that dirty M word again. That’s right… Mindset. Keeping the right mindset is a full time job. One that must be worked on a daily basis, be it reading, audio, videos, webinars, podcasts, or any other training methods you might have to get the mind right. I never realized how important this was until recently. You will never outperform your commitment to your personal growth and development. Developing leadership success habits is the most significant activity you can do to establish yourself.

Be A Business Athlete and Grind It Out

Business AthleteTreat yourself as a business athlete. Suit up, and prepare yourself to run the race… mentally physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Athletes come prepared…they are ready…they show up, they train, and they do it every day. We don’t take extended breaks and we don’t take days off. Not in the beginning… not when we are establishing ourselves it’s too easy to get away from it.

Self discipline will get you to your dream.

Everyone leads busy lives it’s true, and depending on your goals will determine to what extent you commit yourself, but if you have lofty goals and want to be successful it is a grind. Don’t let your brain do the justification trip. One day leads to three days, three days leads to a week… and now you can’t get back on track. You know what I mean..and we see it happen too many times. This is a battle and you are going bring all you have.You have to. You have no choice if you are to make it happen. So strap up, come prepared, and bring it all.

But keep it fun…challenge yourself and others around you and gameify your business. Get yourself involved with a community of like minded individuals that you see are having fun Business Athletebuilding their businesses. Daily Marketing Coach has a Facebook group page with students of all ages and skill set levels that are there for support, and camaraderie. Within the community are many examples of making work enjoyable.They have challenges, contests, and accountability classes that can instill fun and pride, along with enjoyment into your learning experience. And they earn while they learn.

Charles M. Schwab, the iconic American steel magnate, had an exercise he used to talk about. You can do this too. The night before, write down your task you need to get done the next day. But don’t just write it down prioritize it as well. He claims this specific task brought him millions into his business. Anything that leads to more productivity will have a positive effect on your bottom line. I know it sounds like a simple thing for that, but there’s more to it. Your brain goes to work while you’re sleeping. It wants to prioritize but it cannot unless you feed it. I like to read training material or personal development before I go to sleep at night. It’s a ritual for me and I seem to retain it well.

Achieve Maximum Productivity in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible.

Here’s 5 actions leaders take every day…

1. They visualize their dream life
2. They do revenue building activities – market and talk to people.
3. The mastermind every single day.
4. The commit to personal growth and development
5. They lead by example.

Exercise Your PDCA Profile –

Here’s a little fun exercise..set up two jars at or near your work station. Label one Plan, Do, Check, Adjust, and label the other Blame, Shame, and Justification. Throughout the day whenever you do one of these two things, drop some money into the jar. At the end of the month the Blame jar can go towards maybe a charity or something similar, and the PDCA jar can go towards funding your future.

Blame, Shame, Justify – It’ll cost you.

Learning Cycle – Plan, Do, Check, Adjust ..Rinse & Repeat

and lastly…. Keep It Fun!


Brett Gurney

Striving for Excellence

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