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Business Frustration – Identify It and Deal With It

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Business Frustration – dealing with  business frustration can save you and your business.

In this post we have some pointers on how to identify the real source of the frustrations and the steps to take for dealing with it.

First let me say all business builders deal with frustration, but in different ways. It’s not a word used by high achievers. Does that mean it’s not there?  No of course not…it means Business Frustrationthey realize that dwelling on it or complaining about it is pointless. They know all circumstances are temporary, and they’ve learned to see the solution, not the circumstance.

Overcoming Business Frustration

Business Frustration JPEGToday you cannot change all the time you’ve wasted being frustrated in the past, but you can stop being frustrated now. However, in order to overcome something you must first identify it. If you identify it you can address it, and tackle it. A good definition of frustration might be “seeing where you believe you should be…and seeing where you are, or where you perceive yourself to be”. The gap may represent your “level of frustration”. I say perceive because often times people see themselves worse off then they really are. This leads to unnecessary frustration, and is one area to look at that can be corrected easily enough, Really evaluate your existing situation and make a fair assesment…not based on emotion but on facts and logic. Are you further along than you once were?

This might change the perception…is the gap smaller now after making a fair and logical assessment? Are you making progress? Can the gap be closed with some realistic tweaks or adjustments.The gap very well may not be as big as you once thought. Mindset coaching comes in real handy here, and it is encouraged to look into.

Here’s something else you can do. Picture a person you know, or that you know of, who is at the level you think you should be. What is it they have that you don’t … or what is it they frustration overcoming are doing that you are not. Make a list. Is it more contacts, a wider reach, more influence, maybe a website or a blog that is converting, or Business Frustration JPEGpossibly a marketing system of some sort.. or maybe they have particular skills you lack, better people skills or more knowledgable on the technology side. Whatever it is, make that list, and get to work on it. Start knocking those things out one at a time. Realize this, it’s dangerous territory getting “stuck” in that gap.. but making progress, any progress no matter how slight at first, can make all the difference.

So let’s summarize: Learn how to recognize the frustration, and that dwelling on it or complaining about it does not help. Identify the source and the level of the frustration, and make a fair and logical assessment of where you really are. Now make a list of the things those people who are at your desired level are doing, that you are not doing…and work the list.


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