Customizing Your WordPress Blog with Themes Internet Marketing For Beginners

Customizing Your WordPress Blog with Themes

Ok so it didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not going to get the look I wanted with only plugins, widgets, and sidebars. I’ve learned one of the things that makes WordPress so popular is how customizable it is, and custom themes are definitely the way to go. Make your site look nice and professional with just a few clicks.

As you will see there is no limit to what type or design you can have. Choose among the long list of options, grab one you are curious about, and hit the preview button. See the screenshot, decide if it’s for you or not, and click install then activate…and that’s it you have a new professional looking blog.  And these are all free by the way… part of your WorldPress install.

I’ll be playing around with this for a while to see what I can come up with, but I have several listed from searching the themes and will toggle those to see what’s best for me. The one you see now is called ZeeNews, and talk about a complete transormation in 30 seconds. Wow – this is going to be fun.

Because there’s so many it might be a little overwhelming at first… but here are a couple things to look for in the theme description that wil help us along as beginners

  • Theme Settings (aka Theme Control Panels ) – The more professional & polished themes come with their own control panels making it easier for you to adjust Fonts, Logos, Colors, and Layouts.
  • Multiple Menus, Widgets, and Sidebars – Themes that have more of these key WordPress features enabled are much for flexible and save you time.
  • Mobile Support – This is also referred to as “Responsive Design” which means your theme will adjust to look the best for whatever device your visitors are using (iPad, iPhone, Desktop computer, etc.)
  • Frequent or Automatic Updates – Good themes stay up to date and provide frequent or automatic updates to keep your website protected from the latest security risks and threats.


Here’s a little description of the one I chose. The descriptions are available to see as you are hunting.

“zeeStyle is a flexible and colorful Theme with a both unique and professional design. It is perfect for any News, Magazine or Blog Website. The Theme comes with extensive Theme Options which allows you to configure Colors, Custom Logo, the Featured Posts Slider and a jQuery-improved multiple dropdown navigation. Furthermore zeeStyle comes with several sidebar areas, custom widgets and custom page templates. Enjoy :)”


Stay tuned for more…






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