Facebook Marketing – 4 Tips to Optimize Your Fan Page Exposure


Facebook Marketing tips to help you maximize your facebook website traffic.

Are you using Facebook to market your product or opportunity?

Are you staying current with the techniques that can help you leverage your time, efforts, and money?

Today we are going to give you a few marketing tips that can help you along.Facebook Marketing Image

#1: Use the Correct-Size Images on Your Website for Best Click Thru Results

Maybe you’ve noticed two different image size posts in facebook newsfeed… one has a large image with URL and text below it, and the other has a small image with URL and text to the right of it. Statistics show that larger images get more engagement, and there are ways to ensure you get the better of the two when you post. Facebook scans the web pages looking for specific dimensions of the images it will grab. There are updates to their Ads and Sponsored Stories Guide regarding this, and here’s an article done by Jon Loomer named Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Dimensions with a clear explanation.

The aspect ratio of your image is the critical factor. The aspect ratio is 1.91:1. This calculates out to about 1200 pixels wide by 627 pixels deep, but the ideal size is 400 pixels wide by 209 pixels deep. Important to note here that if you have multiple images on the page then Facebook will take the largest of them to use in the post, and they only allows users to select three images. So if you want the larger image which will usually get you better click thru’s then you need to make sure that at least one of your images inside the article is larger than all of the others. It should be in the 1.91:1 aspect ratio.

#2: Add a Facebook Share Button to Your Website

facebook-marketing-jpgIf your website or blog doesn’t have a share Facebook share button it should. It’s best to use the official Facebook code you can go here for all the info and instructions. For wordpress use their default plugin it’s super easy to install and activate. You can put share buttons on the top or the bottom of pages and/or posts – it’s personal preference but always give your readers the option to share your posts and it makes it easy for you to share your own posts as well. Posting your blog on your facebook page drives traffic back to the blog.

#3: Leverage Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your tracking system…your eyes to the state of affairs of your traffic results. Without tracking and analytics you are facebook-marketingblind to your business. If you cannot gauge and measure your Facebook Marketing results then you cannot check and adjust. This is what it’s all about…check, adjust, rinse and repeat. If you don’t know where your traffic is coming from, or which ad campaigns are working and which are not, then you are truly lost.The biggest loss of money with networkers comes from not tracking their advertising efforts.

Some of you most likely already have Google Analytics installed on your blog… if not you sure should have. But what you might not know is how to read all the reports. And since we are talking about Facebook Marketing here, how to drill down to the Social report that is going to tell you exactly what’s happening with your social media marketing.

When you log into Google Analytics, click on Acquisition. Underneath Acquisition is a category called Social. When you click on Social, it will show you all traffic that comes from all of the different social channels. You can click on a social network – Facebook, for example – and it will show you which URLs Facebook drives the most traffic to. You can narrow it down to a specific day or over a certain time period.

#4: Use the Facebook Like Box for Pages to Grow Your Facebook Fan Base

facebook-marketing-jpgThe Facebook Like Box widget for websites is a great way to build up your fanpage following. When someone visits your site and they are already logged into Facebook, they will see the box with their friends faces who are already fans of your page. They can become a fan with the click of a button without leaving your website. It’s a great way to grow a healthy following for your Facebook page, just with the traffic that comes to your website. When a person sees that they have friends who like your page it gives you credibility in their eyes. They will be curious and will move to like your page as well. It’s a great way to boost your following and get more fans.

Thanks and stay tuned for more Social Networking Tips and Techniques.

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