Moving...slowly, but moving Internet Marketing For Beginners

Moving…slowly, but moving

ok… I’m reading the How-To’s … both from WordPress and from other bloggers… anything i can find i will start to read…and I’m going to share it all with you. Silly as it might seem…I just can’t help but think if I need this… if I don’t know this stuff…well maybe there is someone else too, and if I can help one person then it’s all a-ok with me. For example, the Continue Reading function…see below the post was long, maybe too long for the front page, and to get more posts on the page maybe better to break them up some. So i read it, applied it, and it worked.

Now…Sidebars… much to do here I think so i will start playing with it also…find a good Plug-in.. Here’s an example of this…

Sidebar Accessories

You can put anything you want in your sidebar. Want to have a random image or a bit of text that changes with every view of a page on your site? How about adding some asides which are little snips of post information? Want to add “buttons” or icons to indicate favorite sites, or sites that do validation, or awards you’ve won?  You can honestly add anything you want to your sidebar. Here’s more examples of what’s possible.

Don’t know about you but that sounds pretty cool to me. Here’s more…


Did you know you could have random images or text in your sidebar? Yep! There are a variety of scripts and techniques for creating random images on your site, images that change with every page or with each refreshing of the browser screen. The key to having these things in your sidebar is making sure they fit within your sidebar.


Asides are like mini-posts; little tidbits you can post that show up in your sidebar to leave a quick note about a topic or issue. These can be generated by using Plugins or by taking advantage of the Link Manager.

And there’s more yet…

Weather, Location, and Times

There are so many things you could put into your sidebar, we could go on forever. Some of the most popular elements are weather bulletins for the weather wherever the site administrator calls home, GPS and location information, and even the time in different time zones. There is even a plugin that you can use to list upcoming dates, events, and holidays, with a countdown until the date.

So you see we have lots of work to do…for the next post let me see if I can’t have some Sidebar to see.


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