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Sidebars and Headers – What Fun

Ok we’re back.  Yes it’s been a while…a long while…but we are back now and ready to get cranking again. Maybe you thought we quit already – after all that big talk.  HA. On the contrary…we don’t quit…we don’t know the word. We might get sidetracked from time to time, and go off on another who knows what for a while, but we will return…we always do.

Actually, we are in the process of launching a network marketing company and it got in that crazy stage that requires all hands on deck. You know… the old head down horns out and take charge thing. Still working hard on that project – that will remain- but we’re able to come up for a gulp of air and get back on some stuff from before.

So anyway, enough jibber jabber… in our previous post of teaching ourselves how to blog, or at least attempting to teach ourselves how to blog, we talked about experimenting with  some side bar stuff…and as you can see we are indeed experimenting. Yea we know it’s not pretty… it’s ugly… but we’re not trying to be pretty now. Just throwing some stuff together to let us and you know a little of what’s available. Getting familiar with plug-ins…finding, sorting, and installing. So you see we found some real fast basic examples of vertical scrolling news and events, conversion global time charts, local weather forecasts, and an opt-in subscribe form. And while we were at it we went ahead and did something with the header as a lead up to things in the future, plus to get that great message out for Mental Health Awareness Month. You might see in the future we have big interest in this area.

Plug-in’s are easy… in your WordPress dashboard… Plug-ins/Add New… just scroll the list or do a search, read the details and check the star rating …if it sounds like the one you want click Install Now. For the Sidebar go to Appearance/Widget find the new plug-in and slide it over to the Main Sidebar.

Header is even easier… go to Appearance/Header and get one of their headers or grab your own from your computer pictures file… just like facebook… and upload . Bam done.

We’ll be doing some more reading…reading and studying…to determine our next move. So give us some little time and we’ll be back soon with another post..and please feel free to leave any comments no matter how simple. Looking forward to putting something together that looks half way decent

Let us leave you with this quote we like. ..

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
~ Someone


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