Social Media Marketing – Four Steps to Achieving Your Marketing Goals


Social Media Marketing – It’s highly effective if dialed in properly.

Are you using social media for marketing purposes?

Are you satisfied with the results you are getting?

In this article we will provide 4 tips and strategies to help you boost your social media marketing results…

#1. Set Goals for Your Business – and make sure they are realistic goals.Have you ever felt like you’re never going to get there? Realistic goals and measurable goals will help you social-media-marketing-jpgstay focused and on track. Measurable goals might be something like adding a certain number of sales, or likes or comments. Remember the more engagement you get the farther reach you will get. Your posts will be seen by more friends and their friends, and will stay on newsfeed longer. Adding 5 or 10 sales, or likes, or comments may be more realistic than adding 20 or 30. Realistic goals keep you more focused because you reach them faster and it’s more fun. They might become monthly goals and you won’t get that doom and gloom feeling of wondering if you will ever get to the goal. So keep it real and you’ll experience better results and more enjoyment from your social media marketing.

2. Learn how you can help your customer,not pitch them – Education goes a long way… so does inspiration and motivation. How-to tutorials keep your readers coming back. They come to know and expect value from you, not just another pitch. Great content minus the pitch equals value. Instead of “what can we sell you”, try “how can we help you”.

Add these things to your marketing routine..

  • Determine or learn who your target customer is and talk to “them”. Not everyone is your prospect. Trying to be all things to all people will have you spinning in circles. Talking to a target market will have you focused and in charge.
  • Find a solution to any problem you customers might have. This creates loyalty and builds relationships. When you cater to a persons social-media-marketing-jpgneeds it hits their hot buttons. Getting in to their emotions with help and problem solving is so much different then the all-annoying pitch.
  • Create dialogue and conversation. Talking “with” people instead of “at” them will make them feel included and important. You let them know their needs are the reason you are there. Friendly banter and easy conversation is the ticket to full engagement with and by your friends and contacts. Now you are building relationships.

3. Determine Your Traffic Sources – It’s so important to track your ads and links and traffic so you know what’s coming from where. Otherwise you are simply guessing and that’s just not good business smarts. Use Google Analytics if you are driving traffic to a website it will tell you what you need to know. What traffic is coming from which social media platform. You can also use URL trackers so you know which campaigns are getting clicks. You can also attach Google Analytics right to your facebook fan page tabs.

social-media-marketing-jpg4.Build Your Content Strategy – Ok now it’s time to pull it all together into putting out high quality content that people want to read and will keep coming back for more. You’ve already set goals for your business, learned that it’s’ better to talk with your customers and not at them, and you are tracking your ads and campaigns and social media posts so you know what’s working and what’s now. Now just fine tune the info you are putting out there. That is the game changer. Helpful content, educational content, inspirational and motivational content. Offers to help and How-To tutorials. Take time and work hard at your content development… it’s what separates the good from the bad. Your content will establish your either as a leader or as someone who is desperate.

Don’t forget a call to action always, of some sort. I don’t mean “here’s my link buy my stuff” … I mean direct your readers what to do next to continue getting the awesome useful information you are offering. Give them a place to go and let them know that you have more great stuff coming and how they can easily get it. Help them solve their problems and maybe give a cool free gift once in a while.

So I hope this has provided some value to you. If you are not getting the results you would like from your social media marketing try implementing the 4 tips above and see how she goes. And for more tools, tips, and techniques from us please subscribe to our blog and youtube channels for ongoing info.

by Brett Gurney

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