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Twitter Marketing – Is It Worth Your Time?

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Twitter Marketing – Is Twitter a good resource for marketing, or is it a waste of time?

Given Facebook’s popularity, and the convergence of the other social networks, just how valuable can Twitter Marketing be?

Here’s a few points and pointers I’ve gathered up  that should answer these questions.Twitter Marketing JPEG

Despite the changes happening over at Facebook now, that may effect business builders in a less than stellar way, and with the popularity of the other social media channels coming online now, such as Instagram, and Pinterest, and of course Google Plus…Twitter remains a popular, a valuable, and a user friendly resource for those who are marketing online. Recent stats claim 175 + million tweets daily, over 20% of Americans who use the web also use Twitter, and 8% or more of those are active on Twitter every single day. These are compelling numbers that should have everyone’s attention, especially given the fact that they are increasing quickly.

But there’s more to it … in addition to the millions of users tweeting, there’s a tremendous amount of consumers..those who are not actively tweeting but that are lurking, listening, watching, and absorbing all that’s going on. Taking in the information that’s readily available for their niche and most likely putting it to use through a variety of other channels

More of an information network than a social network, with users posting content, context, and sharing information and experiences, we see Twitter Marketing becoming a part of people’s Twitter Marketing JPEGlives, and an extension of our conversations…. much like instant messaging, text messaging, email, and cell phones. The “sharing experience’s” atmosphere keeps users engaging and interactive, with more two way conversations than your more singular advertising type actions we see in other social mediums, and the 140 character limit keeps things hopping…short and to the point. And then there’s also the pop culture element and the active lifestyle popularity…. especially from TV shows that encourage their audiences to tweet their votes, share their opinions, and engage with their views.

And now they are evolving from strictly text medium to a multi-media platform, adding images and videos, which really liven’s up that shared experience’s element I mentioned earlier… and again a very human interactive friendly atmosphere. This doesn’t put off marketers in the least…in fact the marketers are drawn to the more two way conversational platform. Inbound and outbound channels allow them to get a better feel for the hot buttons of consumers, and allows gathering of information through focus groups , insight, and trends. That info can then be put to good use towards informed strategies to reach the type of people they want to target.Twitter Marketing JPEG

And so in closing, lets just say Twitter Marketing is very much alive and well and growing.. and is a great resource that should be included in your marketing portfolio. Not to say it’s to be front and center,  but in the age of diversification it certainly has it’s place. In fact it’s becoming so popular some are now saying “news no longer breaks, it tweats”


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