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Fear of Video – Can You Relate?


Do You Have A Fear Of Video ? Keep reading and maybe you won’t feel so alone. The fear of video… it’s very real and it affects many… anxiety, unease, discomfort, and awkwardness. Everyone’s different and it affects everyone in different ways. Some people are naturals and they could care less…it comes easy for them. […]

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Facebook Marketing Mistakes & Misconceptions – If You’re Doing These You’re Doing It Wrong


Facebook Marketing Mistakes – they can wreck your facebook experience. Are you new to facebook marketing, unsure of what to do, or how to do it properly? Do you want to know what the most common facebook marketing mistakes are and how to avoid them? In this post we share highlights with you from a […]

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Common Social Media Methods That Create More Interaction


Common Social Media Methods Do you find yourself confused or unsure sometimes of the best methods for social media interaction? Are you looking for social media methods that will get the most out of your social experience? You’re not alone. We get a lot of requests for facebook and social media training, so we put […]

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Networking Success – Do You Have The Basics?


Networking Success – is this something that is coming easily for you… or not so much? . Positioning yourself as a leader and providing high quality material and content of value so others are attracted to you and want to work with you. It’s about posturing yourself as the professional…and having a game plan that […]

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