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Networking Success – Do You Have The Basics?


Networking Success – is this something that is coming easily for you… or not so much?

networking-success-jpg. Positioning yourself as a leader and providing high quality material and content of value so others are attracted to you and want to work with you. It’s about posturing yourself as the professional…and having a game plan that is concise and structured, and sticking to it.

In this post we will discuss some of the basics for establishing this plan, and some suggestions for implementing the strategies and working your plan.

Here’s 4 points that are important for networking success and that we will touch on ==>

  •  Understand that networking success takes work
  •  Personal integration is a necessity
  •  Lead your team – teach and show the away
  •  Plan to succeed – set your plan and stick to it

Yes I’m afraid to say that success in business most definitely takes work. I can really see though, how a new person might think otherwise, with all the absurd hype and claims of systems that do all the work for you. Just plug in and it happens automatically.. how many have hear that before?

This leads to another subject. Not only does it take work, but it take personal interaction as well. There is no such thing as a completely hands off system. Sure you might get them in the door that way, but you will never keep them. If all a person cares about is a fast start bonus, or if they are doing affiliate marketing and only selling a one time product, they might networking-success-jpgbe ok with a completely hands off system…I suppose…. but any team building at all will require some hands on work trust me. If you are not talking, assisting, teaching, and communicating…your people will leave for someone else who is, and you will be leaving money on the table. Your organization growth will slow to a standstill. It will become stagnant and eventually die.

The high tech world can actually create a reverse effect. Leverage and automation can pull someone too far – yes we totally get being tired and fed up with one-on-one presentations, coffee shop meetings, hotel meeting, house parties, and everything that goes along with that. But it would be dangerous to think you can successfully go all-tech. Today, more than ever, in our high tech world, human interaction is not only important… it’s mandatory. And the team that includes that personal touch wins every time.

Don’t get me wrong we love the internet and all that technology has to offer today, but in moderation. Use it to find people, but don’t expect it to keep people. Nothing glues a team together like personal interaction and relationships. Connecting with others on a personal level goes a long long way towards your networking success – you must interact with your customers and prospects to posture yourself as someone who can lead the team.

Leading your team has as much to do with being available and reachable, ready willing and able to assist in any way you can, and providing support, as it does with anything. It is not necessary to be an expert at anything. Of course being skilled and talented in areas helps, but it’s not the en all be all. Just find your strengths and play to those.Whatever you are good at, bring those skills with you and start adapting. Get yourself some good training so you are learning the skills, and teach what you learn.

networking-success-jpgGet good at a very few things. Choose an area you like, and go deep…become an expert. Get so good you can teach it with confidence and stay up on all the latest trends for that particular topic. Once you reach that point then add something. Don’t try to be all things at once. You don’t have to know everything It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers…transparency is appreciated and so is honesty – and be a good listener. A good listener makes a good leader. When you listen then you know the problems, and the solutions.

And maybe most importantly …stay focused, especially at first. Shiny objects are distracting and we see them every day…but stick to your plan. Make a commitment and plan to stay in business for the duration. Concentrate on income producing activities, and first thing in the day – it’s too easy for the day to get away from you.Plan accordingly. When you know what you need to do to get the job done, put on the blinders and go. Block the distractions and stay to the plan. Identify what is going to bring you income and structure everything around those income producing activities. Your success depends on it.

And finally, commit to your decision to succeed in your business. Get serious…if it’s not a hobby then don’t treat it like one. Create your business plan, but be realistic about it – short-term plans are ok they get you moving. And realize business is more than just sales and marketing… so much more. Personal development and mind-set training goes a long way to getting your head in the right place. It’s an ongoing thing but it will evolve you into the professional leader and business owner you want to be…and take action. Learning without action is wasted effort – identify your next steps, take those step, build your momentum, and work hard to keep the momentum you build – don’t ever lay it down you might not pick it back up again.

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

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