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Fear of Video – Can You Relate?


Do You Have A Fear Of Video ?

Keep reading and maybe you won’t feel so alone.

The fear of video… it’s very real and it affects many… anxiety, unease, discomfort, and awkwardness. Everyone’s different and it affects everyone in different ways. Some people are fear-of-video-jpgnaturals and they could care less…it comes easy for them. Others have to really work at it, it’s a chore that is not easy and they struggle with it. The fear of video can, however, be worked on to the point of maybe not necessarily elimination, but acceptance.

Getting started is the main thing of course, but what really helps the fear of video is learning your subject. When you are speaking about something that you are knowledgeable about it comes much easier. When you know you are providing insight and value it’s not such an overbearing task. In the video below I’m pointing you to another blog post that is associated with my mentor Ann Sieg and her training/coaching/mentoring programs that I recommend for everyone… and if not her, then find yourself a good mentor… someone who clicks with you like she did with me.

Through this training mentorship you will learn, and what you learn you can teach, and then blogging and videoing come much easier… as you know you are providing worthwhile valuable material. In this day and age we have resources that were not always available. So we learn and adapt, and use those resources… video marketing is one of those things, and it’s imperative to take advantage of this fantastic communication and marketing tool.

Thanks for watching and I look forward to networking with you. Contact me any time and let’s see what we have in common. Cheers

by Brett Gurney

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