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My First Blog Post – Don’t Do It Like That, Do It Like This

brett gurney

My first blog post, written 5 years ago, in March 2013, can be seen below. It made the cut. Sentimental reasons? Not sure really. Maybe I decided to keep it as an example to myself, and for anyone else that finds it amusing. I’m sure several will. But what even brought this about? It’s time to clean up this […]

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Avoid Facebook Engagement Baiting At All Costs! Ok …But What The Heck Is It?

facebook engagement baiting

What the heck is Facebook engagement bait? Sounds kinda scary. Maybe it has something to do with the Facebook algorithm?Right. It does. Well, in a way it does. But keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly what Facebook engagement baiting is.We’ll also tell you the 5 main types of baiting for engagement that Facebook has […]

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Email Marketing Beginners Guide | Email Marketing Explained

A complete email marketing beginners guide for online marketers. We are in the age of social media, messengers, texting, and videos. You seldom hear about email marketing anymore. Some will go so far as to tell you email marketing is dead.But it’s not dead and in this email marketing beginners guide we’ll explain what it is […]

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10 Basic Marketing Methods To Build Your Online Brand – No More Guessing

There is no one size fits all. No single method of promoting your business or product is THE one and only method to use. But there are some very basic marketing methods that when used together will take your message to another level of exposure.Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You might be better at blogging, […]

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9 Simple Youtube Video Tips Guaranteed To Boost Your Video Views

youtube video tips

In this post we are going to provide you with some very useful and easy Youtube video tips that you can apply right away. Videos are hot these days. You see them everywhere. Just scan your Facebook timeline or the Google search engine results pages. You can even surf the net and see videos on a […]

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Are You Using A Blog For Business. If You’re Not, You Should Be.

blog for business

Are you a beginner online marketer? Have you been told you should be blogging? Has this made you wonder how to use a blog for business? So what’s this all about? Why should you bother with a blog and how can it benefit you?In this post we are going to help with these questions. We are […]

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Do Keywords Really Matter For My Blog Posts? How Do I Choose The Right Ones?

When I first started blogging I often wondered what the fuss about keywords was all about. Was it really important? How do they benefit me? Do keywords really matter? Do you find yourself asking the same questions?In this blog post we will answer these questions.First let me state …. I’m not a keyword or an […]

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Social Media Strategy For A Beginner Internet Marketer

social media strategy for a beginner

I’m a beginner network marketer. I’ve joined an MLM business. What’s the best social media strategy for a beginner?Does that sound familiar?Some say don’t promote your business on your personal page. They say only on a business page. Some say it’s okay on a personal page. What is better?How about that one? Have you heard […]

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Learn How To Market Online To Build Any Business Or Sell Any Product

We see far too many people join a network marketing company or an affiliate program only to freeze when they don’t know what to do after they join. If instead those people took the time and effort to learn how to market online first, they could come out of the gates blazing.It’s a common thing […]

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A,B,C’s of Writing Blog Posts

There are right ways and wrong ways of doing just about everything … would you agree? Writing blog posts and articles are no exception. At least not if you want to get read, and if you want people to take you seriously, and to come back for more.Formats, styles, content, and how you deliver is […]

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