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Make It Happen In 2022 With A Big Win In Your Business

We all want a big win in our lives. Something that puts us on top of the world, guarantees freedom, or makes everything better. But that sounds like winning a lottery…and that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about a big win in your business…and I’m talking about creating that big win.We Have To […]

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A Complete Review of Emulin 2020 | World’s First Patented All-Natural Inflammation Manager

Our review of Emulin is a complete guide to Prevail M & C. An incredible health product that we love and want to help bring awareness of. Emulin M version of Joe Ahrens Emulin Normally, as you can probably see, we use this blog for helping people learn more about creating a brand online. We […]

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Getting Started With MLM Online

Getting started with MLM online

Why is getting started with MLM online a worthy topic for today? How skilled does a person need to be to build an MLM on the internet? Is building an MLM online even acceptable by MLM company owners? I’ve heard horror stories of company owners removing distributors for promoting online. Is it true?   These […]

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Mindset Training For Success: Is It Really Necessary? Myth or Magic?

The right attitude will get you through the tough times I keep hearing about? I hear it often. Maybe too often. Mindset this and mindset that … mindset, mindset, mindset. Holy cow!Truth be told, I think the term has been overused.But that doesn’t mean it’s not important or […]

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Facebook Marketing Beginners – How to Get More Likes, Comments, Shares – Updated 2019

There is a right way and a wrong way to market on Facebook and in this Facebook Marketing Beginners Guide we are going to show you the right way.   It can be tricky though. The right way will get you lots of new friends…. but the wrong way can get you blocked. Have you […]

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What Happened With Attraction Marketing? Will Attraction Marketing For 2019 Be A Thing?

It wasn’t so long ago that we, as marketers, heard the term Attraction Marketing all the time. Sometimes multiple times daily. But not so much anymore. So what happened with attraction marketing? Will there be attraction marketing for 2019? Or It’s just not a thing any more? Was it just a fad? Is it gone […]

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Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress Beginners

First … let me get this out of the way. The Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress beginners is my term. I made it up. At least the “beginners” part of it I made up. The plugin was not specifically designed for beginners. But it’s the best tool a WordPress beginner could possibly hope for, and […]

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My First Blog Post – Don’t Do It Like That, Do It Like This

brett gurney

My first blog post, written 5 years ago, in March 2013, can be seen below. It made the cut.   Sentimental reasons?   Not sure really. Maybe I decided to keep it as an example to myself, and for anyone else that finds it amusing. I’m sure several will.   But what even brought this […]

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Avoid Facebook Engagement Baiting At All Costs! Ok …But What The Heck Is It?

facebook engagement baiting

What the heck is Facebook engagement bait? Sounds kinda scary. Maybe it has something to do with the Facebook algorithm? Right. It does. Well, in a way it does. But keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly what Facebook engagement baiting is. We’ll also tell you the 5 main types of baiting for engagement that […]

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Email Marketing Beginners Guide | Email Marketing Explained

A complete email marketing beginners guide for online marketers.   We are in the age of social media, messengers, texting, and videos. You seldom hear about email marketing anymore. Some will go so far as to tell you email marketing is dead. But it’s not dead and in this email marketing beginners guide we’ll explain […]

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