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My First Blog Post – Don’t Do It Like That, Do It Like This

brett gurney

My first blog post, written 5 years ago, in March 2013, can be seen below. It made the cut. Sentimental reasons? Not sure really. Maybe I decided to keep it as an example to myself, and for anyone else that finds it amusing. I’m sure several will. But what even brought this about? It’s time to clean up this […]

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Are You Using A Blog For Business. If You’re Not, You Should Be.

blog for business

Are you a beginner online marketer? Have you been told you should be blogging? Has this made you wonder how to use a blog for business? So what’s this all about? Why should you bother with a blog and how can it benefit you?In this post we are going to help with these questions. We are […]

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A,B,C’s of Writing Blog Posts

There are right ways and wrong ways of doing just about everything … would you agree? Writing blog posts and articles are no exception. At least not if you want to get read, and if you want people to take you seriously, and to come back for more.Formats, styles, content, and how you deliver is […]

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Who Should Have A Blog? Everyone That’s Trying To Market Online

Have A Blog

Who Should Have A Blog? In my mind, everyone that is starting out or attempting internet marketing should for sure be doing some basic foundational activities. One of those activities is blogging. Blogging can take you down a lot of avenues because of the sharing aspects available online now. Your blog is your hub and […]

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Images For Blogging – What’s The Big Deal?

Images for Blogging

Images for Blogging – What’s It All About? Images for blogging do matter and in this blog post we will discuss why. First, let me say this ….content marketing is arguably one of the most important things a person can do for branding themselves and their businesses online. Having quality keyword-rich content on your blog or […]

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You Want To Blog, You Need To Blog, But Your Writing Just Stinks?


Do you want to blog, but you’re just not good at it? Does your writing have much to be desired? Relax, it’s ok … it’s not so uncommon. In fact, it’s really quite common. Some people just hate to write. They are not good at it. They write anyway, because they want to blog, but […]

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Blogging Tips – Get Started, Get Some Video’s Out, and Brand Yourself


The #1 best blogging tip I can give is to just begin. I’ll help with this process if you follow along, but to just begin is what will break down all the barriers. Once started the rest will come easily enough. Start blogging, get some videos out, get more comfortable in front of the camera, […]

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