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My First Blog Post – Don’t Do It Like That, Do It Like This

My first blog post, written 5 years ago, in March 2013, can be seen below. It made the cut.

Sentimental reasons?

Not sure really. Maybe I decided to keep it as an example to myself, and for anyone else that finds it amusing. I'm sure several will.

But what even brought this about?

It's time to clean up this blog. All the old "just getting started" posts are going bye-bye. We've reached the next level of blogging, and it does not include keeping the clutter.

So why keep one? Why would I bother to hang on to my first blog post, from 5 years ago, that looks like was written by a 5th grader?

One word. It's Interesting.

It's interesting to see how far a person can advance, grow, and change since their beginning. Who is now banging out websites, blog posts, videos, and articles on a very regular basis.

my first blog post

Dominate Your MLM Company Online

Ranking first page on Google for no less than eight popular keywords for my MLM company and smothering Youtube on two different channels for that same company. That's domination..

Yes the first post was 5 years ago. But nothing much more over the next 3 years after that. It was a struggle back then getting into a rhythm or a routine. But the dream never left my mind.

And now the dream is slowly becoming a reality.

My Big Decision

It was 2 years ago that I made the big decision. The decision to quit playing around, get serious and make some shit happen. And then went to work.

The Time Was Now Or Never

I knew that I had more in me, but that I was failing to reach into my true potential. I also knew that if I really set my mind to it, that I could find that true potential. And that I had to.

Can anyone else relate to that?

If so then maybe it's time you also made that big decision, and go to work.

I Like To Help Others That Are Willing To Help Themselves.

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. For others getting started may be easy, but going beyond a comfort point might be the hold back.

That's what happened with me. After my first blog post, I reached a point that I was unfamiliar with, and that I knew was going to require some searching, studying, learning, and then doing. And that's when I became stuck.

But when it comes to something that we really want to do, we will have to find a way to get through that sticking point. We all know the feeling of satisfaction that will result from our breakthrough.

my first blog post

Get That First Blog Post Out Of The Way. Here's Why.

Why a first blog post? 

Blogging is crucial. It's your gateway to everything else. Until you learn how to set up and build a full blown site, you can start with a blog. The blog will be your home base that acts as a hub for your network wheel.

You can drive traffic to your blog and build a list there. You can also link out to your other online properties and platforms. This way you are giving your visitors a road map to follow.

Consequently, they will enjoy the ride.

Your first blog post gets you started.

Blogging Leads To Greater Things

It's true. 

Blogging is your first step to building a list, becoming a content marketer, and even to becoming an SEO expert. These are acquired skills that come through a transcending process.

And yes, you guessed it. Your first blog post is your first step.

my first blog post

You might like social media already. Maybe you are on Facebook getting a taste for online marketing. Sharing your blog posts on Facebook is an excellent way to mix up your content delivery. You can create a variety of content, and to begin showing yourself as more than just a Facebook poster. 

If you are a blogger, you are becoming a real internet marketer.

How Exactly Do I Start? I'm Ready For My First Blog Post!

Those are words that a guy like me, loves to hear. This particular post is not your in depth step-by-step blogging guide. However, I can point you in that direction. I'll give you a couple of steps right now that will get you to your first blog post.

You need a hosting account. Don't worry it's easy. Get yourself a HostGator "Baby" account. Choose the monthly option for $11.95. This is good for any beginner. 

Your account Control Panel will include the Quick Install software. A super simple 2 step point and click install for No extra cost.

Get your hosting account, install your WordPress, and write your first blog post. And now you've started. 

Don't download WordPress from the WordPress website .... you will install through your Hostgator C-panel

And don't do what I did. Don't start and then stop. Start and keep going.

I'm here to help.

You Are Learning A Trade That Can Pay You For Life

Once a person becomes multi-faceted with internet marketing there really are no limits to what can be accomplished. 

A Trade That Can Pay You For Life

Having the skills to become ranked on front page of Google for any niche is priceless. Just as is being shown within the top ten videos on Youtube for any given keyword, or being shown regularly as a "suggested video" in their sidebar.

But you have to start somewhere. So start now, today. Get that first blog post done and go from there.

And Now For Kicks And Giggles, Check Out My First Blog Post Below

Just a couple things to note in the example below that you don't want to do.

Notice the big blocks of text. The paragraphs are too long. And there's no subheadings to break up the text. It makes this very difficult to read and would not score as satisfactory in any areas for SEO.

In addition, there were no images or calls to action on the page. No optimization for keywords either. 

In my defense, it was my first blog post and I knew nothing about SEO, or easy reading scores, or anything else for that matter. 

And it's one of the reasons why I want to keep it around. These are good talking and teaching points.

Here It Is, My First Blog Post From March of 2013

Ok this is pretty hilarious and I’m chuckling some as i write this… but I’m going to bare it all (not literally) in my quest to attempt to become a blogger. I’m documenting this for a couple reasons.. one is to try and get past a fear of being shy and expose my real self. …the other is to show some of my friends who might be interested in doing the same thing. Now I know some that see this are going to come back with an offer for a set and forget auto-blog program, some of which and one in particular that is very popular now, but I’m not going that route… I’m going the slow, tedious, takes forever, no immediate income stream route. Why?…  because I want to, and to see if I can, and because I like to learn.
So this might take a long time… I haven’t even set up the theme yet first I have to read through all the WordPress instruction…don’t even have a post up yet that’s why I’m writing this here… but I have gotten as far as getting a hosting account and installing the WordPress … and now starting to read the Set-up instructions…so you see this is funny.
I’m even going to post this on my Gurney Marketing Team site… which is really funny –  someone calling themselves a marketing team who doesn’t even blog yet HA
I”m not a complete dummy when it comes to networking or marketing…. just a complete dummy when it comes to internet marketing. You see I’ve done a lot of email and phone marketing and built a big database of other networkers and created a lot of relationships and more recently social networking all of which I still do and have come to excel at some of it. I have been able to build teams and support those teams, but I love to write and now it’s time to expand my horizons and start blogging  … and I know some of you are cracking up at me right now because you’ve been doing this already forever now and it seems silly someone like me who’s supposedly a leader is not blogging. Shoot – it will be really scary when I start videoing (is that even a word?) … I guess it is videoing well if not you know what i mean.
So…when I get my blog set up I will transfer this and it will be my first post and then you can monitor (and laugh) as I go.. and succeed or fail whichever happens. This is going to take a while maybe weeks maybe months I’m doing my conventional building at the same time and building the heck out of Q’ many hours every day that’s my top priority. I can build… just can’t blog. Maybe sometime in the future I build and blog. Enjoy watching

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Aaron and Shara says March 25, 2013

Good Stuff, Thanks for sharing!

Arvilla Jorge says May 16, 2013

Very good blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely overwhelmed .. Any tips? Thanks a lot!

    Brett Gurney says June 2, 2013

    definitely go with free WordPress to get started… you can get the which is a simple plug and play on their servers and their hosting… or you can get your own hosting company and install WordPress… this gives you full control over your content and data…contacts etc. If you choose you can always upgrade to a paid version later. Installed WordPress is free…you pay the hosting

Brett Gurney says May 25, 2013


    Brett Gurney says May 25, 2013

    thanks for the test brett

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