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Images For Blogging – What’s The Big Deal?

By Brett Gurney

January 21, 2017

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Images for Blogging – What’s It All About?

Images for blogging do matter and in this blog post we will discuss why.

First, let me say this ….content marketing is arguably one of the most important things a person can do for Images for Bloggingbranding themselves and their businesses online. Having quality keyword-rich content on your blog or website is what will attract visitors doing searches online.

It’s known that blogging more than once weekly increases your rank placing and will get you more traffic than if your blog appears naked. It’s not hard to double your traffic fast if you blog consistently and often.

But the trick is to get your visitors and readers to come back for more. Images for blogging can be a big help in making that happen. They will break up the text making it easier on the eyes, they can be used for stressing main points, adding additional explanations to any topic, adding extra SEO juice to your post, and just making things more interesting. Entertaining and attractive content will bring readers back. Being careful to choose relevant and attractive images for your blog posts is well worth the time invested.

There are many different ways to go about locating and using images for your blogs and articles.

Take Photos Yourself

Phones today have great cameras in them as you well know. They can be used to produce great Images for Bloggingimages, and of course a digital camera too. Naturally, you want your photos to be relevant to the topic you are writing about, so if there is something you can do yourself that fits, by all means, have at it. You can snap a location you are in, a lifestyle you are writing about, products you might be promoting, or events you are attending. Make sure the lighting is good and for product pics you can make yourself a light box or outside in natural light.

Be Creative

Images for blogging don’t have to be photographs. You can relay great messages that hit your topic using quotes on a good background. It’s a great way to grab attention to a point you are trying to make and add interest at the same time. Good images grab eyeballs so you can really use that to stress something you want to get across.

Hire Someone

If your budget allows you can always hire someone that you trust to create your images for you. Fiverr is a good site for that and it’s affordable. There are other graphic designers on similar sites. this is a good alternative if you don’t have a lot of spare time or if you happen to have someone that you Images for Bloggingknow will be better at coming up with ideas. If you outsource your blog posts you can ask your writer if they know someone.

Check Out Stock Photo Sites

There are plenty of images for blogging available out there you just have to look around a little. iStockphoto and Pixabay just to name a couple. Some are free and some are paid. If you search enough you can find appropriate photos or images for almost any project. Make sure though that you familiarize yourself with the copyright rules and licenses and act accordingly.

Images are good to use and they can benefit your content creation in a big way, but at the same time, you don’t want to go overboard with them. Also, loading time can be a factor for your website so take this into account and use the smallest images you can get away with. Another thing, remember to use “alt tags” on the images to make the search engines happy and create more juice for your rankings. The “alt tags” also provide the reader with a description if the image fails to load.

Happy blogging and make a habit of using at least one or two relevant images in every post.

by Brett Gurney

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