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Who Should Have A Blog? Everyone That’s Trying To Market Online

Have A Blog

Who Should Have A Blog?

In my mind, everyone that is starting out or attempting internet marketing should for sure be doing some basic foundational activities. One of those activities is blogging. Blogging can take you down a lot of avenues because of the sharing aspects available online now. Your blog is your hub and everything branches out from there. It’s your home base. Everyone should have a blog.

So …to get started… of course you need to install and set up the blog, but first, you will want to have Have A Blogchosen and acquired a domain name. This is something that you should put some thought into. It will be your name tag online. Just the simple fact that you have your domain name can change the way people see you online. Now you are a serious marketer. It will set you apart from those who are not serious. Doesn’t sound like much I know but you would be surprised.

Put Some Thought Into Your Domain Name Choice

Your domain name will tie in with the niche market that you are going after. Targeting a select group of people will create far more efficiency in your marketing efforts and create better faster results. This is another area you would want to put some thought into …. but don’t over think it. I see far too many people get stuck with this and never get past the planning stage. This is a critical mistake that people make and it takes them right out of the game. We will teach you to just do it.

To install a WordPress blog you will need a hosting account. The blog itself is free but there is a minimal charge for hosting account…. however hosting is something that you are going to need anyway. If you Have A Blogcontinue on to learning how to set up lead capture pages and sales funnels you will need a hosting account. I use HostGator and it works just fine for me. Perfectly adequate and easy to navigate. Once you have HostGator you can install your WordPress blog right inside your hosting account C-Panel (back office) with just a couple clicks – super easy.

You will also want to learn how to create image banners and edit images. This is also free and fun. Microsoft Paint is fine for this, or any number of other image editing software. Some are free and some that are more advanced you can purchase. Images are important for blogging. Your cover image of course … but also images in your posts have a purpose as well.

And the icing on the cake is your lead capturing opt-in form that will be included with all your blog posts. The opt-in form is the beginning of a funnel that will capture leads, drip info on those leads, and direct Have A Blogthem down the path to wherever you want them to go.

Watch this video for more clarification on who should have a blog

by Brett Gurney

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