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Facebook Marketing – How to get more Likes, Comments, Shares


Facebook Marketing – there is a right way and a wrong way

Have you ever wondered why some people can build a business using facebook as their main resource.

Facebook Marketing can be tricky. The right way will get you lots of new friends…. but beware because the wrong way will get you blocked.

To get more likes, comments, and shares on facebook you need to post in a conversational, inspirational, educational, motivational, or humorous manner. Negativity, whining, and link bombing (here’s my link buy my stuff) will get you nowhere. If you post like a spammer you will attract facebook-marketing-jpgspammers, and you will get blocked from the very people you need to connect with….if you post negativity you will attract negative type people, and if you post nothing but your business, you will get the same in return, or worse you will just get blocked and unfriended.

Providing value and high quality content will create engagement with the kind of people you want. Quality content can consist of educational posts, training, conversational topics, surveys, questions, asking for opinions, jokes and humor (it’s not necessary to be serious all the time) and anything else that will get people talking in a professional or friendly way. But don’t just post…engage yourself with others and their posts too. Jump into conversations…comment and engage yourself and make friends. Congratulate people on their achievements and tell them they are doing a good job. Get to know other business owners and leaders, regardless if you consider them a prospect or not. In fact don’t even judge others as prospects or as to how they can help you…rather think about how you can help them, or how you can learn from them.

Get personal and be yourself. Videos are excellent for creating engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments…particularly personal videos but also newsworthy and educational or inspirational videos as well. How-to videos open many doors. People appreciate others who want to teach and help, and teaching is a great way of providing useful content and  information… the kind of information people find valuable.

facebook-marketing-jpgIt’s perfectly ok to talk about your business,, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that. The wrong way is spam – “here’s my link buy my stuff”… or “here’s my link join my deal” is definitely NOT the way to say hello. That will get you nowhere if you don’t first tell them who you are, what you are about and why they should buy your stuff or join your deal… and I don’t mean random spammy features and benefits of the program, I mean why they should buy from YOU, or why they should join YOU.

Take people on your journey – tell them why you started with your opportunity and don’t even drop a link…occasionally is all right but better yet curiosity is key. Tell them you were sick and tired of whatever and how you are excited to be changing your life. Talk about how you solved a problem, or how you provided a solution to someone elses problem.

Tell a story…stories and curiosity are what get’s people’s attention, and selling yourself is what builds relationships and work partners. When you are going to meet a prospect, or attend a training webinar, or seminar, or traveling to a company event or mastermind, take social media with you on the journey. Include them on what you are learning and being trained on, and what you are getting out of it and how you are benefitting, and how they could benefit also.

Instead of just saying hey I did this and did that, take your contacts with you…. tell them you are about to do this or you are on your way to do that. Bring them along for the ride. Include them and make it about them as much as about you. This will paint your vision that they can see themselves included in as well.

So be personal, be friendly and helpful, and provide useful content with your facebook marketing…and it will take you a long way.


by Brett Gurney

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