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Facebook Marketing Beginners – How to Get More Likes, Comments, Shares – Updated 2019

There is a right way and a wrong way to market on Facebook and in this Facebook Marketing Beginners Guide we are going to show you the right way.

It can be tricky though. The right way will get you lots of new friends…. but the wrong way can get you blocked.

Have you ever wondered how some people can build a business using Facebook as their main resource?

Some people are just really good at connecting and communication on social media platforms. They are practicing techniques that win and they have a knack for it.

Not everyone does. 

However, for those of us who are not natural people magnets, the methods that work can be practiced and learned. These techniques may not make us equal with the "kings of social media", but they can get us into a much better place than we are now.

Facebook marketing beginners will especially need to work on this skill. People that are brand new to Facebook will not know the exact best methods for connecting with other networkers.

For Facebook Marketing Beginners It Can Be Tricky

Social networking is all about engagement. A lot of new beginner Facebook marketers are not fully keen on or aware of that yet. It is however something that we will be concentrating on throughout this guide.  

Creating engagement has a profound affect on a persons Facebook marketing success. Facebook operates according to their algorithm platform which determines who sees your posts and your content.

It's all programmed in, and it's the engagement that triggers the algorithm. They call this your "reach". Get your reach to go up or expand, and more people are seeing your content. That becomes the objective.

I think it's important to specify now that we are talking about "organic" Facebook marketing, or the free side of Facebook. There is also a side of Facebook that is paid advertising, and things are vastly different on the paid ads side.

That is an altogether different subject though for a different day.

So What Do We Mean Here? … What Exactly Is Facebook Engagement?

Most Facebook marketing beginners that I have spoken with would define Facebook engagement as likes, comments, and shares. But what a lot of them don’t realize is just what this engagement leads to.

world map symbolizing facebook engagement

These Facebook beginners are not certain how it can benefit their business and their marketing efforts.  Ensuring that posts get positioned high on news feeds and seen by more people is the goal. And that comes from knowing how to please the algorithm.

Facebook engagement increases your posts positioning and length of time in newsfeed. It’s not so much anymore about the number of contacts you have. That's the way it used to be. But now it's more about  the engagement of the ones you do have. How many are “talking about this”.

don't post like a spammer

To get more likes, comments, and shares on Facebook you need to post in a conversational, inspirational, educational, motivational, or humorous manner. Negativity, whining, and link bombing (here’s my link buy my stuff) will get you nowhere.

If you post like a spammer people will run from you. Or worse, you will get blocked from the very people you need to connect with.

If you post negativity you will attract negative type people. And if you post nothing but your business, you will get the same in return.

No one wants to get blocked or unfriended. So learn how to post in a way that attracts others. I mentioned above that some people are just naturals at attraction marketing. But for those that are not it really is a skill that can be learned.

A big part of Facebook marketing is leading by example. This goes for beginners and pros. Show your friends how to take the high road. They will learn from you and become loyal followers.

This is an area that a lot of Facebook marketing beginners may need to improve upon. I know that I sure did when first getting started. But if you can correct the bad habits early in your career then you won't remain a beginner for long!

Providing value and high quality content will create engagement

Providing value within your Facebook marketing will create engagement with the right kind of people. Quality content consists of educational posts and training material. Consider conversational topics, surveys, questions, and asking for opinions.

Even jokes and humor (it’s not necessary to be serious all the time) are excellent for engaging others. And anything else that will get people talking in a professional, or a friendly manner.

But don’t just post, and post, and post. That is often referred to as a hit and run tactic and is a classic Facebook beginners mistake.

 Have you ever seen someone post something good, that creates engagement, but that never comes back to participate? 

facebook icon

It doesn't make any sense. Facebook marketers, and even beginner Facebook marketers, must learn right away the importance of creating conversation and engagement.

Instead, engage yourself with others and their posts too. Jump into conversations…comment and engage yourself and make friends. Congratulate people on their achievements and tell them they are doing a good job.

When you engage this way it becomes a two-way conversation which keeps it going. This engagement is what Facebook picks up on.

Get to know other business owners and leaders, regardless if you consider them a prospect or not. In fact don’t even judge others as prospects or as to how they can help you. Rather think about how you can help them, or how you can learn from them.

So you see, it does not matter if you are a Facebook marketing beginner or a Facebook marketing pro, it's all about the networking and the engagement.

you can talk about your business if you do it right

It’s perfectly ok to talk about your business, if done tactfully. Like everything else there’s a right way and a wrong way.

Unfortunately most Facebook beginners struggle with this one at first.

The wrong way is spam.  “Here’s my link buy my stuff” or “here’s my link join my deal” is definitely NOT the way to say hello. Neither is dropping links without being asked. That will get you nowhere fast.

It's all about the relationship first. People join people. And they don't join people they don't know, like, and trust. You must practice attraction marketing and give people reasons to want to work with you.

Tell them who you are and what you are about. If there are common interests the conversation will find it's way to your business. Then you can tell them why they should buy your stuff or join your deal.

And I don’t mean random spammy features and benefits of the program. I mean why they should buy from YOU, or why they should join YOU.

And as I mentioned above, this is one area that is easy to spot the beginner Facebook marketers. It just seems natural when first getting started to throw your biz and your links out there. 

But don't worry, it won't take long to realize there is a better way.

Get personal and be yourself

Videos are excellent for creating engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments. Particularly personal videos but also newsworthy and educational or inspirational videos as well.

How-to videos open many doors. People appreciate others who want to teach and help. Teaching is a great way of providing useful content and information … the kind of information people find valuable.

Don't be afraid to just get real. Genuine and unique content is always better than hype. Show your vulnerabilities. Your likes and dislikes. Let people know you have fears and insecurities.

facebook marketing beginners meeting

At the same time you can show them your strengths and your weaknesses. When you get real like that people can and will relate to you. And they will get to know you better and become real friends.

even a facebook beginner has a story 

It's true. Everyone has a story they can tell. Including the Facebook marketing beginners.

Tell people why you started with your opportunity and what it has meant for you. You could share with them how you were sick and tired of what you were doing before. And that you are excited to be changing your life. 

facebook marketing beginners have a story to tell also

Maybe talk about how you solved a problem, or how you provided a solution to someone else's problem. People like to hear about others overcoming the odds and figuring things out.

Share how you got started, what you had to learn, and how you learned it. Did you read and study? Did you happen across a video that moved you? Maybe you partnered up with a mentor, or joined a team that included training.

Perhaps there was a course that you took, or a class that you attended. Share how you now want to teach others what you have learned. Share your experiences to empower others.

This is how you will gain followers, and likes and share and comments. It's Facebook networking, aka Facebook marketing.

take Others on your journey With You

Stories and curiosity are what get’s people’s attention, and selling yourself is what builds relationships and work partners.

When you are going to meet a prospect, or attend a training webinar, or seminar, or traveling to a company event or mastermind, take social media with you on the journey.

Include them on what you are learning and being trained on. Share what you are getting out of it and how you are benefiting, and how they could benefit also.

Introduce them to your new friends and family. Take them on your journey and show the way.

This is Facebook marketing at it's finest. Instead of just saying hey I did this and did that, take your contacts with you. Tell them you are about to do this or you are on your way to do that.

Bring them along for the ride. Include them and make it about them as much as about you. This will paint your vision that they can see themselves included in as well.

Put these things into action and watch what happens

Any Facebook marketing beginner will notice a huge uptick in their results by practicing these simple suggestions.

More friends seeing, commenting, and sharing your posts which leads to more "friends of friends" seeing your posts.

The more engagement you get, the wider your reach will get. The wider your reach gets, the more engagement you are going to get. And so you see… this can benefit your Facebook marketing a great deal.

You just need to put it into action.

So be personal, friendly and helpful, and provide useful content with your Facebook marketing. It will take you a long way. And if you are a Facebook marketing beginner I sincerely hope you got some value from this post.

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