Increase Productivity – Prioritizing Daily Tasks Will Increase Your Productivity Big Time – Here’s How


Increase Productivity – Who Doesn’t Want To Do That? – Keep Reading

Do you find yourself working your tail off with little accomplishment at the end of the day?increase-productivity-jpg

Would more productivity boost your bottom line?

I would say probably so yes…and in this post we are going to lend a few tips on how to do that.

Let’s face it…..we know some tasks are more fun, and easier, than others. But are we hurting ourselves by putting off the less desirable, yet more income producing tasks, for the less challenging activities? I know I’m sure guilty of this on occasion, and trying hard to break those habits..and when I do buckle down and put these simple things in place it really does make a world of difference. One thing I have learned for sure… doing a lot, doesn’t necessarily mean getting a lot done.

But it’s all about meeting our goals right? …Making things happen and “gittin er dun” – so we do what it takes. We are serious about this… it’s just too  darn easy to stray off track at times. So let’s fix it now. If we are not careful, hours can go by before we realize it. All those things we had planned for the day are put off again. Did you write those things down and stick with the plan? Can anyone relate to this?

increase-productivity-jpgPlan, plan, plan – before you go to sleep at night think about your most important and income producing activities for the next day. Some very organized people even log a SOD (start of day) the night before, to really stay on task. I do a EOD (end of day) so i can gauge and measure my productivity and adjust if I find myself getting off track. It really does make a huge difference and is one of my most rewarding activities believe it or not. Staying on track makes me feel good, and I get excited about the next day. Planning will help you increase productivity.

I’m learning to get the tough stuff out of the way first. Those more challenging yet nagging activities that we know we should be doing…that are more productive and that we consider income producing activities. Your #1 priority… or at least they should be. So if i just get tough and get those out of the way first thing in the day then I can feel good and coast. Maybe for you too? So try it. Do the things first, that you dread the most.

Treat your business just as you would another job. Set some hours and stick to it….come to work dressed to impress with your prospecting hat on and your work boots on. If firing your boss is one f your goals well guess what the new boss is going to have to be even tougher. It takes work and it takes discipline…and persistance. But by setting a schedule and a routine and getting organized it can sure be done. Being serious and treating your business as a business and not a hobby will increase productivity as well.

Eliminate the distractions. Facebook and social media is great for marketing if that’s what you’re doing, and if it’s creating the right relationships and contacts and leads. But if it’s fun and games you might consider eliminating that completely during working hours. All the bells and notifications buzzing every time you get a skype or an email and a text etc. can increase-productivity-jpgreally pull you away from your task and send you on a merry-go-round… from one thing to the next and no where near what you need to get done. Be aware of this and fix it.

Schedule your breaks, and work until your break.Often times you will finish tasks and stay focused longer knowing your break will be coming soon. It’s really a self disciplinary thing that goes along with mindset development. Staying focused is so key but it’s hard to do. Fortunately there is lots of mindset and personal development training available. So schedule those breaks and stick to that schedule, and you will find an increase in your productivity.

Last but not least, and maybe most importantly, find yourself a trainer/coach/mentor who knows the business and who has a proven track record of success, and who knows how to teach, and go all in. It can save a lifetime off your learning curve. Lots of people just don’t know exactly what to do next or how to do what they need to do next, so they spend hours, days, and weeks trying to figure it out. I went through that. Forget that. Get yourself a good coach and learn it right the first time.

by Brett Gurney


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