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Selling Yourself – Are you giving your prospects the BEST of you?


Selling Yourself – A Talent That Will Pay You Back Repeatedly

Are you selling YOURSELF, or some opportunity?

Who’s in control of your business…is it you, or the company you represent?selling-yourself-jpg

Getting yourself out of the “I’m a Representative of my Company” mode, and taking control back of your business may be the biggest shift to success you ever make. People are looking for leaders, and if you are presenting yourself as nothing but a representative of “ABC” company, then you might not be the leader your prospects need. Sell yourself before you can even think of selling your opportunity.

Understand that YOU are at the heart of your business…and marketing.

You don’t want to be “under” your company…you want your company “under” you..That may sound a little far fetched to some, but in reality it’s a very real concept and it’s what we teach. When you become the owner of your business… everything is under you…the company or companies you represent and all your customers and affiliates. You are the CEO…you are the company…and your team knows it. Just as all the marketing is yours…we do not depend on “ABC”company to provide our marketing systems and campaigns. We develop, we create, we train, and we lead. And if for whatever reason your said company goes away, or you make a decision to leave, then guess what….it all comes with you.

Identify ways that you can comfortably let prospects get to know, like, and trust you.

selling-yourself-jpgThe best way to help prospects get to know you is to talk to them, and learn more about them…and in return they will learn more about you. Become their friend and find out why they joined you in business…what is it that draws them to you..what is the attraction, and what is their why. You will find things in common which leads to easy conversation. Let them know that you are serious about your business and that you are available to help. Become an expert on your company and choose an area or two of marketing and become an expert at that, and share your knowledge. Educating people goes a long long way towards confidence and trust in you. When you teach, inform and assist people they will come to see you as a valuable asset to them…both in business and out.

Identify opportunities to offer value (based on your skills and strengths).

I mentioned this briefly above. You have a lot of value and you can increase your value on a daily basis by educating yourself. Attend training seminars and workshops and work closely with your coach and mentor, and share what you learn. We all have strengths and weaknesses… build on both. Pass on the knowledge that you have and that you gain, on a very regular basis. Your leaders will rise to the top …give those people special attention. Include them in your trainings and activities, and become friends with all your teammates.Personal relationships is the heart of this business model and industry. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. And maybe most importantly… help your teammates discover their strengths, and help them use those strengths to build their teams.

Differentiate yourself with your uniqueness.

Selling yourself also depends a lot on your ability to differentiate from everyone else. There’s a lot of competition now, and so many people doing and saying the same things to get others attentions. But those searching out for good opportunities are looking for more. “What can you give me that someone else can’t”. People sponsor shop and they are looking for the best deal they can get. They are looking for leadership. “Can this person lead me where I want to go”. Shortcuts to success are high on the agenda of those coming into business and they want and need to align themselves with those who present themselves with those leadership qualities, and whom they believe canselling-yourself-jpg bring the best out of them and help them fast track to their goals and destinations.

Ultimately it’s up to you, not your company, or your upline, to differentiate yourself. Doing what others won’t do to set yourself apart will make a world of difference, to you and to you prospects and teammates. Push the limits on yourself to make this happen. You are the boss now and it’s up to you to under-promise and over-deliver. You will develop loyal followers and your name and reputation, which is everything in this business, will become honorable. Work on your character. Commit to certain things you will do and not do, and make it clear what your guidelines and practices will be. Create the image that you want others to see. Your character is a huge part of your marketing strategy, as well as your leadership status, and will set the stage for further development of yourself and your teammates. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to help your followers instill confidence in themselves, and to create the image that they need to see in you, in return for their full commitment and loyalty.

So you see…selling yourself becomes number one.

by Brett Gurney


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Striving for Excellence

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