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Video Marketing Pointers – Benefits and Strategies

By Brett Gurney

December 14, 2017

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Everyone knows the popularity of videos has exploded .... they are everywhere. You watch them, you share them, and you comment on them. But are you using them for marketing your product or your business? Video's are explosive. Just look at YouTube and their massive success. Video marketing is an exceptional tool to add to your prospecting arsenal, but if you're not used to doing them, it can at first be a little intimidating. These video marketing pointers should help you get started.

video marketing pointers

We are here to teach and guide anyone that wants to get started.

It's relatively inexpensive to get started with Video Marketing. Depending of course to what extent you want to take it. But you can do perfectly good videos for marketing that are entertaining and engaging, with a good smartphone. As you progress, if you want to start recording yourself, you might want to invest in a nice little studio with good lighting and a green-screen, but that's entirely up to you and is not necessary for most people. I haven't done that yet myself.

You might be amazed at what happens with the level of engagement from your audience, if you become known for doing videos. If you do one, you should do more than one. Your viewers will look forward to whats coming if you create a series of videos and if you have a channel that is updated regularly. Your subscribers will appreciate your dedication. Don't be alarmed if at first you feel like no one is watching. Put these video marketing pointers into action, stick with it and let the magic happen.

Shorter Is Better

Very few people like to watch super long videos. Especially in the beginning when they are just starting to get to know you. 3 minutes is a good time to hold people's attention. Anything longer than that you will start to lose viewers. At least get out your main message in a reasonable time. As you get better, and get more loyal subscribers, you can get away with longer ones, but for now you are better off breaking up the long ones into a series.

Repackage Content You Already Have

The great and fun thing about content marketing is the ability to take your material, and repackage it into several different delivery methods. This keeps your content fresh and engaging. In fact, for your first video it's sometimes a good idea to take some of your existing content and use it. There's so many things you can do. "How To" instructional videos are always easy and they are popular too. People love being taught how to do things. So start with something like that, that you are very familiar with, and expand from there.

video marketing pointers

If you have a blog post with five tips on doing something better, do five videos talking about each tip for two or three minutes. Using visuals or images in your video is always a good idea, to make it more interesting. When you start video marketing, you can do you own video marketing pointers post the same as I am here. Screenshot recordings are good and easy too. You can be talking in the lower right hand corner for example, or even out of the picture altogether. Or maybe you have a short story or testimonial on something, you can narrate that.

Create Material For The Purpose Of Later Delivery.

One of the things that I like to do, that keeps me from ever running out of stuff to talk about and to video about, is something that I call blog post supporting videos. I will write blog posts with the intent of later recording myself reading and explaining the post. I'll read some, get the material fresh in my mind, and then expand on it to the camera. If the video becomes long, like it often does, then I cut it up into sections, and edit out any unnecessary stuff, mix it up, add images, and music if I want,and so on. 

For example this video marketing pointers post. I can come back here at any time down the road and create more videos about video marketing, using this post as a reference. I could make a short video on each point, or a longer video about the whole post.

So you see... you can never run out of things to record about. Just start writing, save your writings, and talk about it later in a video. You'll learn how to read it, without it appearing that you are reading.

Record Your Events

If you're having an event of any kind you can record those as well... and get multiple exposure on your event over and over again. Any presentations or house events or vendor events etc you can record the best action parts of those events. You can always edit and consolidate if you need to. You can also patch videos together and add in images and slides to make a presentation. There's so much you can do with video marketing

video marketing pointers

Outsource What You Can't Handle

Until you get familiar with and good at video editing you can outsource to have it done for you. You might want to ask around among your online social circles to get suggestions or references for good people in that occupation.

If there's a need for professional productions you can get that done too, but it's really quite unnecessary for most marketing needs. It's up to you how much money you want to spend and to what degree you want to take it. If you look around online and on YouTube you'll see the popular videos are not professionally done at all. They simply get the message out and thats all you really want to do if you are marketing products or services.

You don't have to worry about being perfect. As long as viewers can see something interesting, hear the audio and trust the value and truth of the information being shared, you'll see success with video marketing as one of your promoting tactics.

I hope these video marketing pointers have helped you in some way. The key is to just get started. Give it a try ... you have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain.

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by Brett Gurney

brett gurney

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