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Attracting Business – Fundamentals & Concepts


Attracting Business – Fundamentals and concepts

Is attracting business something that is not coming easily for you?

Are you finding it difficult gaining traction in your business building efforts?

You’re not alone. It take’s patience and persistence, but it also takes learning the fundamentals. A coach and a training program is vital to shaving months and even years off a learning curve. Going it alone seems gratifying at first, but can become torturous by the end of the day.attracting-business-jpg

Here are 3 points of high importance to learn and remember.

  •  Identify and prioritize the key steps to get your funnel operational or expanded
  •  Identify threats to your success – gaps in skills and knowledge – and take steps to correct those
  •  Identify your most important marketing tools and training and focus on those – income producing activities

Get good enough at something, one thing, to become or to be considered an expert. Setting yourself  in a position of authority and leadership on a subject will get you noticed, and getting noticed is the first step to attracting business. But you have to put yourself out there to make this happen. You must expose yourself… consistently and diligently.

attracting-business-jpgStart blogging, videoing, posting, and commenting about your topic and your niche. Fix up your social media profiles and get active. That doesn’t mean posting links and spamming people’s walls… it means conversing with fellow networkers and people of interest. It means making friends, and it means teaching others what you know enough about to teach. You DO NOT need to be an expert. You just need to know a little more than those you are teaching and sharing with. Leverage your talents in this way. Use what you know to come across as someone of authority. This will lead to sifting and sorting your potential prospects and happens just from communicating with others and learning about them. Their likes and dislikes and their areas of expertise.

Education marketing presells prospects and creates a flow..a natural path into the conversation of your business. It eliminates that awkward pitch and spammy type approaches. That’s what turns people off, and if you think you are going to put people that you don’t know into your business you will end up disappointed. Attracting business is a skill and an art, but it’s not difficult to do and soon will become natural.

When you get an idea, a topic of interest, something to share or teach or explain, then blog about it, video about it, email about it, facebook about it. This shows you’re a doer, and a doer gets other’s attention – show yourself as a doer, and an expert at something, and people will want to work with you. It’s a lack of confidence that leads people to inaction and from moving forward, and when you teach you instill that security and that confidence that helps people get moving.

The #1 purpose of all this is to build your list of course… the goal of all your marketing efforts is to get your prospects to give you their contact information – so you can build attracting-business-jpgrelationships. Your list is your most valuable asset as a marketer. It’s your bread and butter and it’s what separates those who make it from those who don’t. If you’re not building a list of friends and contacts, and if you’re not creating relationships with those people with follow ups, then you are as good as done.

You can use other people’s content, material, and products to build your list until you can develop your own. Leverage yourself and your time and efforts in this way. It’s easier and faster to get up and running, and it’s all about taking action to get the ball rolling. Don’t sit idle while trying to figure out what products to create for your free offers. Use someone elses and be generating leads while you figure that out.

But be yourself in your approaches and your manners…develop your own style. The more unique you are the more valuable to everyone. Using that uniqueness is another step to attracting business and fellow networkers. Differentiation is key to rapid success…company replicated sites do not attract people, personal sites do. Show yourself, brand yourself, and tell your story. And know that everyone is not your prospect. Undo the bad marketing training that says everyone is because they are not. Don’t waste your time and energy chasing people around who don’t want what you have to offer. Look for those who want to receive your message, not those who are running from it.

And never quit.

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

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