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Attraction Marketing Fundamentals Part 2 – Attracting Qualified Prospects

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Attraction Marketing Fundamentals Part 2

Are you finding yourself chasing unqualified prospects around trying to get them to look at your opportunity?

Would it be better for you if there were a way to find people more interested in what you are offering?

Today we will continue with our Fundamentals of Attraction Marketing.

The last post we talked a lot about the basics and getting started the right way with good sound attraction marketing fundamentals. About how contacting yourattraction-marketing-fundamentals-jpg friends and family were old school methods that don’t work and are not necessary, and  how building your own brand and being the CEO of your business was so critical and why. We touched on 4 points to help you with the learning curve, and we encouraged you to stay the course with us to learn how to get prospects calling on you and not the other way around.

So lets talk about prospects. There is nothing worse than chasing people around that have zero interest in what we are offering. It’s an easy call to say that the most qualified prospects are those that are coming to you… not someone you found. Sometimes it’s hard to get, but when you learn and realize that not everyone is a prospect your life will become much easier. The days of “interruption” or “annoying marketing” are over for us. We can put it to rest once and for all…no longer will we be chasing people around and annoying others with our pitches. That’s too much like begging and there is no need for it.

attraction-marketing-fundamentals-jpgAll good sales and marketing begins by putting the other person first. Once they express an interest in what we are doing, we find out why. This requires normal conversation, asking questions, and listening to the answers. We are looking for what their needs are or what is troubling them, so we can provide solutions. It’s a mind shift..a different way of doing things from the pitch and the hype. We make friends and we influence people. We make them comfortable and we give them reasons to be open and curious. People buy from people, and repeat business comes from treating those people right..not from the old burn and churn practice. We stay around, we make ourselves available, we provide support and training, and we continue to offer solutions to problems.

It’s so important today to establish an online identity…even for those who are good offline marketers…why? .. because people sponsor shop, and the first thing they do now is go online and search you out. If you cannot be found they will move on so you better have a decent online presence. It’s just the way it is nowadays.

Often times when a prospect comes to you they have already checked you out online, and they found good quality content so they sought you out. They want that leadership and those people who do come looking for you are infinitely more qualified than anyone that you could ever appraoch.They are red hot and ready to buy. And when this happens you are also red hot and ready to reply and respond. This end result of prospects coming to you is of course the goal and the intent of attraction marketing. You have achieved the ultimate attraction-marketing-fundamentals-jpgand if it can be done once it can be done over and over again. Your immediate response back is a form of Direct Response Marketing. A term that may be new to you but one that we as attraction marketing leaders must excel in.

This is all another or different way of what many of us have been taught and are used to. It’s a different mindset…we have made the decision to take ownership of our business. We are literally changing our identity. The consultant is the salesperson that has learned how to market…no longer being perceived as a nuisance, but rather as one of high value.

We are attraction marketers now and we have  learned and perfected many skills. Proper copywriting is huge and when done right sets you apart immediately as someone who has taken the training and who has put it into action. We spend time on this and we get it right because it’s that important. Have someone you trust proofread your copywriting and blog posts and accept their feedback. And we learn to lead with benefits, not features. This is what will hit people’s hot points and lead them to take action. Hit their emotions and their passions. Tell stories because stories sell. Provide meaningful specifics and testimonials….and give examples. Get into their heads and into their hearts.These are talents that can be learned and honed, and the more you do it, the better marketer you become.

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

P.S. Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Tips & Techniques and guides to building the brand of YOU.

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