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Getting Started With Online Marketing

Are you unsure about getting started with online marketing? Do you want to get something going but just not sure where or how to begin?

Today we will talk about it. We will talk about how important it is to just start, and that you don't have to be an expert, but rather just a little motivated. I have a lot of friends in the industry and I watch way too many capable people lose interest and lose their dreams simply because they just could not start taking action..

Getting Started With Online Marketing Does Not Have To Be Difficult

Start with the basics and keep it simple in the beginning. Step by step. It's okay if you don't know the first thing about it right now. You know enough ... everyone knows enough to get out there and get started. 

getting started with online marketing

I can help you along with some simple advice and direction. Create an identity. This is the beginning of building your brand. You'll see the importance of this as you get going. Anyone that wants to make something happen online must create an identity and a brand. If you don't, you are just a ghost.

Your Domain Name - This Is Step 1

Your domain name is your name tag. It's all part of your brand. It can be anything you want it to be. Preferably something professional that relates to you. Some people use their name if they are an individual business person.

Company owners might use a company name or a company tagline. Others might use a nickname or something that people know you are associated with. But keep it professional. You can always adjust before you get too deep into it.

Get Your Hosting Account and Set Up Your Blog - Step 2

This is your next step. You are creating an identity online, and you are creating some online real estate. People have to be able to find you if they put your name in a search engine. This is the beginning.

You can add your home page and subsequent website pages later but start with a blog. This will get you going in the easiest and fastest way.

I use HostGator for my basic hosting. They are a good fit for a beginner. Once you get your hosting account the wordpress website is an easy install through the HostGator dashboard.

Too many people get hung up on trying to create the perfect home page website first. But it freezes them. You will hear me mention "rapid implementation" often times. Taking action is the key. Blogging is essential in your training. It's not just the writing of a blog post, but what it all leads to.

Blogging is your gateway to learning SEO, images, link building, list building, and setting up sales funnels. You start with the basics, you learn the basics, and then you start adding on. A sure-fire way to get frustrated and quit is trying to learn too much and too many different things at once. It gets overwhelming and you'll get lost. We won't let you do that if you follow us along.

Getting Started With Online Marketing

Learn As You Go And Build On Your Momentum

As you start learning and building momentum you will get more excited. Getting started with online marketing might seem hard at first, but stay with it and it will all start to make sense.

You'll develop a plan of action and a path to follow. My book, Internet Marketing Basics for the Beginner, talks a lot about the importance of having a plan and a strategy to follow. It will keep you on track and in the game.

These suggestions are the best advice I have for you. I'm speaking from experience. There's nothing better than self satisfaction in watching yourself grow and learn. There's plenty of training and it's all free. You have a complete encyclopedia a click away. Just Google it. Absorb and learn.

Your blog will become the hub of your networking wheel. You'll share your blog posts on your social media platforms. You will learn to repackage your blog content into various other forms of content. This leads to "content marketing" where it gets fun and exciting. 

Next you will build your website home page, your about me page, your lead capture page, and your list building funnels. This is what blogging will lead you to, and this is where getting started with online marketing will take you.

All The Training You Need Is Free And A Mouse Click Away

So instead of putting things off because you're not really exactly sure what to do, the thing is that if you just decide you are getting started with online marketing, you will. Put some things in motion. Take my advice and start with step one and step two. The rest will come to you as you go. It doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to be pretty. Remember ... rapid implementation.

You can take all the trainings in the world, attend all the webinars and workshops, read all the ebooks, and drive yourself crazy doing those things ... or you can just start and do, and learn as you go. The latter is by far the better.

Will you make mistakes? Of course you will. Will you learn from them? Yes! Nothing will break... you can't hurt yourself. Try it and you'll see. Learn how to set up a blog, how to post and market on Facebook, and how to create a Youtube channel and start doing some videos.

There Are People Willing To Help

Find someone who is doing the things you want to do, watch them, study them, learn from them, and then do what they do. Search around and you'll eventually find someone who's training style you like. Follow that person.

You will progress... you will polish it, and fine tune it, and it will work into something you can be proud of. Getting started with online marketing will lead you to bigger and better things.

Start with the basics. Work on those things and you'll get comfortable. You'll find what you are good at. It could be blogging, or social media, or videos. Learn that thing and learn it well and become an expert at it. Then start adding things to your portfolio. Eventually you will tie it all together.

getting started with online marketing

After working at it for a while your current tasks will become habit. There's a lot of methods that can be incorporated into your daily routine that will gradually get you to the success that you want.

Everyone Can If They Want To

Anybody can do this. You don't have to have any experience and you don't have to be some kind of a whiz or guru. You just need to take some simple action steps. I was doing this the slow long hard way ... doing it on my own figuring it all out from scratch. .

You don't have to do it that way. Do it on your own but with the help and guidance of someone who has been through it and who is willing to answer your questions. It's not necessary for someone to do it for you and you don't need hand holding ... you simply need guidance.

I'm not an expert now by any means but I've come a little ways. Not knowing a thing about it when I started I even put a note out about it that said "hey everyone I'm going to start blogging but i have not idea what i'm doing".Telling everyone what I was going to do ... means I had to do it.

Helping Others Will help You

I can now see where it is all going and along with a brighter future. If i can help just one person that's very well worth it. I'm helping myself at the same time I'm helping someone else.

Learning as I go and teaching others. You know they say one of the best ways to learn is to teach what you learn. It sticks better. When you learn something, teach another person what you learned. Post about it, blog about it, and video about it.

Everyone has strengths .... finding yours is the key. Getting started will help you do that.

Getting Started With Online Marketing 2

So you see ... getting started with online marketing could be the best decision you make. There is only one thing holding you back, and that is you. So get started today.

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