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Building A List – The Benefits Go Far Beyond Just Promoting Your Company

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Building A List and the Benefits That Come With It.

Your prospect is interested in MLM because they’re interested in financial freedom.

But are they only interested in your MLM? … or do you think they might also be interested in training, resources, and tools to help them build their MLM business?

In this post we are going to tell you the advantages of having your own list and how you can help your subscribers, in addition to promoting your main product or company.building-a-list

Becoming a business owner creates many needs. More so than just about any other occupation. Those who are serious are going to need to learn sales… marketing… leadership… time management… you name it. We all require tools, training and resources to be successful at what we do.

Building a list of prospects is the single most advantageous thing you can do for your business.  These will be people who are interested in you and what you are doing. However their interest goes far beyond what your MLM company is. They have needs just like you did when you first got started.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t help your customer solve all these other problems as well.

When you have your own list, you can help, guide, and direct those people to what they are really in need of. Including what you yourself may not have direct access to. With a substantial list you have the ability to do what are called “joint ventures” with other business owners. In fact you will find that as your list grows, and you become more established as a list owner and a leader, other company owners will come calling on you to talk about the possibilities of partnering up with them.This gives you more to share with your subscribers.

The reason joint venturing is so powerful is because  … 1) You’re reaching a large audience that you know for a fact would be interested in what you have …  and 2) You’re doing so building-a-list jpgwith the added credibility of having your message endorsed by someone that audience already knows and trusts.

So you see building a list gives you leverage and power with other company and industry owners and leaders..and you control what your subscribers are presented with. It makes a lot of sense to have the resources to provide solutions to your subscribers. The more the better…because if you don’t have what they need, they will go elsewhere for it.

Think about this… just because you don’t recommend something to your customers, doesn’t mean they’re not out there looking for it themselves. Remember, anyone who’s interested in a given topic is most likely to be interested in other related topics as well. Your prospects will buy things from other people. You might as well be the one to point them in the right direction so you can benefit from it. Basically what you’re doing is sharing customers. Businesses do this all the time.

You have to control the list.

If you do, you wield enormous power. A whole new world of possibilities opens up to you because a list is a highly valuable business asset you can leverage off of – just like a piece of property in a prime location. As distributors, we build the customer list of our MLM company, making it their asset, not ours. We can still be distributors, but we can also learn to build and control the list ourselves.

What happens if your company goes out of business? What happens if it gets shut down by the FTC?  MLMs come and go in this industry all the time. It’s part of the industry… just as it’s part of any business industry. Building a list… YOUR list, is an insurance policy against these tragedies when they happen. There are tons of good and reputable companies out there… but just saying stuff happens right.
But it doesn’t stop with the list. Your entire business needs to be centered around you so that you have complete control over it … for example the following assets which you should building-a-list jpgbe controlling, not a company your represent.

  • Your own traffic. (Ex: Ads you place, other websites that link to yours).
  • Your own testimonials that establish your credibility.
  • Your own content. (Ex: Articles, email series).
  • Your MLM organization of course
  • Your relationship with your customers. (Determined by how you treat them and the value you bring to their lives.)
  • Your USP. (Unique Selling Proposition – What makes you different from everyone else).
  • Your website.
  • Eventually your own product(s)

All of these are assets that have a real, measurable dollar value (some harder to measure than others). They not only protect your business, they also open you up to an endless amount of ways to make money. If you ever chose to sell your business at some point, they would also have a huge impact on how much it would be worth.

Don’t worry about putting all this together at once. Nobody’s able to do that. Just add one piece at a time, little by little, starting with building a list.

Every time you do, the value of your business increases.


Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

P.S. Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Tips & Techniques and guides to building the brand of YOU.

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Mark says July 28, 2014

Hi Brett!

Greetings from a like minded fellow entrepreneur! My friend you have nailed it! I saw your excellent post title while leaving a comment on Julieanne Van Zyl’s blog.

She’s one of my coaches, even though I’m not currently in the home based business industry.

But I realize that she definitely knows her stuff! And that’s why I not only follow her, but purchase her products & services!

My testimonial can even be seen on her sales page. (I’m the semi geeky looking guy in the glasses!LOL!)

Anyway, your post really laid out several excellent and way too often and under stressed benefits of becoming skilled and effective at quality list building.

Whether it’s on or offline! As you mentioned, what if your MLM company (or an affiliate company you represent for that matter) suddenly goes bust or the feds shut them down!

Having your own list, as you expertly pointed out, opens the doors to several long term, extremely viable money making opportunities!

You could easily have and perhaps you should, have created a multi part series on this subject!

I just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I truly appreciate what your sharing here!

It’s spot on and you offer some very sound and extremely practical, business building advice!

From one entrepreneurial mind to another! Great job! And thanks for sharing!

    Brett Gurney says August 10, 2014

    hey mark thanks for the awesome comment…sorry i got away from the blog for too long and just now seeing this. Appreciate all you say and it’s my pleasure sharing. Cheers BG

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