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Personal Branding – Your Most Valuable Asset is YOU

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Personal Branding – it is the bedrock to your long term success on the internet.

Is all your hard earned money and time going towards branding someone else?

Do you know the importance of establishing your own personal brand on the internet?Personal Branding JPG

In todays post we will cover why branding yourself is vital to your business, both online and off.

As I was studying direct response marketing and internet marketing, I kept on hearing everyone say over and over again how personal branding and building your own list are the two most important things you have to be doing if you want to have long-term success.

I did learn very quickly that the goal of all my marketing efforts had to be to get my prospects to give me their contact information, and I knew that there were several different ways to do this, such as offering a free newsletter on my website…or putting together a series of messages and turning it into a free “e-course” , a free ebook, or a series of audio interviews, just to name a few.

The thing I didn’t realize was just exactly how important it was to establish myself as the expert… be it the expert on the topic, or the expert at finding and sharing the information. After all, having a group of people who have given you their permission to stay in touch with them is literally a marketers dream come true, and allows you to sell to them ten times or even a hundred times instead of having just a one-time interaction that goes nowhere. If someone visits your site and then leaves, the chances of them ever coming back are not good.

Personal Branding jpegPersonal Branding is the secret to building your list. When people know you and trust you, then they will subscribe to you.

Educational marketing is an excellent method for gaining people’s trust, their contact information, and their permission to send them more information. Providing knowledge and assistance, that will help them, and that they can use in building their own business, is often times priceless for that person and will establish loyalty back in return. This is personal branding at it’s finest.

Another great thing about having a list that trusts and respects your advice is the doors it opens for you. It gives you a ton of freedom and flexibility because you can pick and choose what you want to promote. If a certain product or company is no longer performing, no problem. You can replace it with something else. If you find a new product that really adds value to your prospect’s lives, you can promote that too. Building a subscriber list of loyal prospects/customers is one of, if not the most profitable ways you can monetize your business.

Every action you take should center around branding yourself, not someone else. If you’re doing anything online and you’re not building your own list, you’re making someone elses dream come true. All your effort and hard work you are giving away to another list owner. Are you building an organization with an MLM company, or with any company for that matter?  Think your organization is your customer list? Think again. It’s someone’s list… but not yours. Build YOUR organization through YOU first.Personal Branding JPEG

Can your organization be part of your list? Absolutely. How? By making them your customers first before anyone else’s. Which, of course, is done through your own website. I’m talking about providing value by giving them additional training, content and other tools and resources they need to build their business, and some of those people will make the decision to join you in your business. This means your list is segmented into two different types of customers, people who have qualified themselves at different levels of interest. Each group has different needs and therefore you can make different offers to them. Some of that list is your company organization, and part of the list will have their own company, but with a need and a desire for your help, your content, and your expertise.

The bottom line is that your MLM is NOT the only thing your customers want or need, so if that’s all you are offering, and if you are only looking for those interested in your MLM, or if you are only promoting your MLM and not yourself and all that you have to offer, then you are leaving out an entire group of people that you could be working with, and monetizing from.

If you provide value… good useful content that will help others no matter what business they are in, they are going to want to be your subscribers and your customers… and some of them will ask to join you in your business. Maybe not today, but someday, and in many cases, someday very soon.


Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

P.S. Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Tips & Techniques and guides to building the brand of YOU.

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Some of the content in this post was inspired by Ann Seig’s book Renegade Network Marketer.

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Julieanne van Zyl says January 29, 2014

You’ve certainly “hit the nail on the head” with this article Brett! It might be a bit of work setting yourself up initially, when you brand yourself. But it sure is worth it.

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