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Facebook Engagement – What Is It And How Does It Affect The Facebook Marketer

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Faceboook Engagement is something that not all Facebook Marketers are keen on, or aware of

…. but it is something that has a profound affect on a persons Facebook marketing success.

So What Do We Mean Here …what exactly is Facebook Engagement?

Most Facebook Marketers that I have spoken with would define Facebook Engagement as Likes, Comments, and Shares. But what a lot of people don’t realize is just  what this engagement leads to… how it can benefit your business and your marketing efforts by ensuring that your posts get positioned high on News Feeds and seen by more people.

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Facebook Engagement Increases Your Posts Positioning and Length of Time in Newsfeed.

You see it’s not so much anymore about the number of contacts you have, like it used to be, but more about the engagement of the ones you do have. How many are “talking about this”

Check out this great article over at Social Media Examiner about Facebook Engagement. Listen to the podcast by John Haydon, author of Facebook Marketing For Dummies. John likens “posting” with “planting”…like a bush or a plant you have to stick around and take care of, as opposed to a hit and run post that we see so often. In other words you have to watch your posts and engage with others that are engaging with you. Don’t just post and move on…watch the post and when someone comments then comment back. When you engage back it becomes a two-way conversation which keeps it going. This engagement is what Facebook picks up on.

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It’s all about their algorithm,…the “system” they use to calculate News Feed exposure and positioning.

Listen to the podcast for explanations and examples of the kinds of content and posts that will generate an engagement. Put it into practice and you will notice a bump in your Insight stats, reach, and how many are seeing and sharing your posts, which leads to more “friends of friends” seeing and sharing your posts. The more engagement you get, the more people are going to see your posts. The more people who see your posts, the more engagement you are going to get. And so you see… this can benefit your Facebook Marketing a great deal.


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