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What Happened With Attraction Marketing? Will Attraction Marketing For 2019 Be A Thing?

By Brett Gurney

December 28, 2018

Attraction Marketing

It wasn't so long ago that we, as marketers, heard the term Attraction Marketing all the time. Sometimes multiple times daily. But not so much anymore. So what happened with attraction marketing? Will there be attraction marketing for 2019?

Or It's just not a thing any more?

Was it just a fad? Is it gone now?

attraction marketing for 2019

Attraction Marketing for 2019 will definitely be a thing

Make no mistake, attraction marketing is still very much a thing. The concept will never die. It may have taken on other names or references, but the idea remains the same, and it remains legit. In fact attraction marketing for 2019 will not only be a thing, but a necessity.

what happened with attraction marketing

Spreading positivity and showing self-confidence will remain popular to those who are searching for a leader. Providing value to the marketplace will never grow old. Anyone who displays skills and can lead and teach will always attract others.

Especially those who are wanting to start a business and need a good sponsor to guide them.

What Happened With Attraction Marketing? Nothing, And Everything

So to answer the question of "what happened to attraction marketing", the answer is nothing. Nothing happened to attraction marketing. It did not go away. It's just not the buzz word any more. It's not something that everyone is talking about. But it's as critical to your marketing plan now as it has ever been.

Leaders are still doing it, and prospects are still following it. But all the wanna-be attraction marketers have fallen by the wayside. Those who were talking about it because it was trending are gone now. Just like every other fad.

And just like every other fad, those who are the real practicers are still there practicing. There's just no reason for them to talk about it. When you are doing, you're not talking.

When fads fade away, those that jumped on the bandwagon will go back to business as usual. Before you know it, the idea has left their minds completely. Maybe they tried for a while and it didn't work. Or maybe they just thought that talking about it enough, something might happen.

Attraction Marketing is as necessary as it has ever been and even more so

Either way, here's what's really happened to attraction marketing. It has become even more of a necessity. Attraction marketing for 2019 and beyond will be alive and well. In fact, the need for it is stronger now than it has ever been.

Let me explain. I'll be talking mainly about online marketing as I always do. I will also be talking mainly about team building with a network marketing or an MLM company as that is the profession I am in. 

what happened with attraction marketing

Although the concept of attraction marketing is alive as much for offline marketing as it is for online marketing, the difference may lie in that offline marketing is more of a constant. It doesn't change a lot.

Online marketing on the other hand is changing at the speed of light. And it's why I believe the practice of attraction marketing is more critical than ever. Internet marketing is highly competitive, and it's technical. It moves fast. What worked last year or even last month might not work today.

Attraction marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts prospects to you

Attraction marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts prospects and team mates to you that want what you are offering. Not necessarily just the products you are offering. Rather your expertise and ability to use the internet and the tools that are available to build a team.

So you provide value that others can benefit from. Of course they are going to be attracted to you and your team. If you show people you can help them, teach them, and guide them, they are going to want to work with you.

Content marketing is also what happened with attraction marketing. In our profession of internet marketing for MLM, the two are so similar as to nearly be the same. But content marketing has become the buzz word now. It's what's trending.

The thing is though, content marketing is attraction marketing. In my profession, they are one and the same.

When people see you have the ability to use the internet and social media to build a business, they will want some of that. So you show them by providing the content. And then when they see you are willing to teach them as your sponsor ... well, that's a pretty good hook.

You both benefit. They join your team and you teach them how to build it. It's a win-win for both.

Here at Brett we Talk about various marketing techniques

Here at Brett we like to post about various things … but it all has something to do with online or internet marketing, and how we can help others do the same thing.

We are network marketers at heart… it’s our passion and it’s how we pay the bills. So we talk about it frequently. Most of our contacts and friends are network marketers as well….we know this is a large percentage of our audience, so we work hard to deliver the goods.

And attraction marketing for 2019 is definitely one of those things we will be talking about.

what happened with attraction marketing

Our industry has changed a lot the last few years… it’s ferociously competitive now. Everyone has a multitude of choices for companies, products, sponsors, teams, and systems.

It has become imperative, in order to be successful, one must stand out. We must set ourselves apart from the crowd, or we will for sure get lost in the crowd.

Every day I watch this happen with people who just don't want to take the time or make the effort to learn a few basic skills that can set them apart. It doesn't take much. No one has to be an expert at anything. A few basics and teach others what you learn. 

And you'll be surprised at the engagement that will come your way.

it's tougher today than it used to be

The scenery has changed over the years. What used to be wide open space has now become elbow to elbow standing room. So has the way things are done on the internet…. what works and what doesn’t.

Attracting others to what we are offering is the bottom line – am I right? And I don't mean to our company and our product. I mean to our ability to teach others how to build a business on the internet.

We absolutely MUST give people a REASON to want to partner up with US, as opposed to the all the others that are also battling for every person’s attention.

attraction marketing for 2019

Those who have mastered this “attraction marketing” concept are doing extremely well … but it’s an acquired skill set. Not necessarily the attraction marketing itself so much, but learning the skill sets that others will be attracted to learning. They want, and need, to know how to do those things as well. 

What happened with attraction marketing for us is that not only did we realize it must continue, but that we had to get better.

You will have to learn and you will have to get better

You'll have to do the same thing. You'll have to learn. Training is critical to your internet marketing success. It's a double dip. You learn the skills to use the internet to drive traffic to your websites, but you also learn the skills so you can teach others.

You become that attraction marketer for 2019 that others want to join.

attraction marketing for 2019

Yes you do have to find a leader that is willing to show and teach. But then you have to be willing to engage and implement. It's up to you to take what the leader is showing you and running with it. They will show you but they will not do it for you. That's your job.

What happened with attraction marketing? Not a darn thing ... it's alive and well and thriving ... and it has to be. There's just no way around it.

Learning the Attraction Mindset and What It Means to Your Business

Once you learn, then you adopt the attraction marketing mindset yourself. You take over. It's your turn. You'll know what to do. You've been watching it long enough.

When you learn to set yourself apart from the crowd by learning these marketing skills a whole new world will open for you.

But it's imperative. There was a time when a good product, a good opportunity, or a good compensation plan was enough to win over the “opportunists” lurking about on the internet. Not any more.

There are products and opportunities everywhere…some are good and some not so good, but they are everywhere.

This Is What Happened With Attraction Marketing

It has become a requirement. It is necessary now to separate ourselves and what we are offering from all the others… and it’s you that’s going to make the difference. You MUST be offering something that will attract others to YOU…to give them a reason for choosing YOU over all the others.

Making the transformation and obtaining that attraction mindset will require a shift in your thinking. It’s a process, and in the process you will go through some changes. Understanding the “learning process” is part of this.

Trying to do it like everyone else is hard. There's a lot of resistance. Learning to market in such a way that attracts other networkers to you, as opposed to chasing around your friends and family, is like learning to swim with the current and not against it.

attraction marketing

Maybe you can relate to this ... “I tried everything my company and upline told me to do. I talked to all my friends and family and I made a list of 100 people I’ve known throughout my life and attempted to contact them about my business. Then I practiced my 30 second elevator speech and tried the 3 foot rule ... and nothing worked.

Then i hit a brick wall and ran out of people to talk to. My sphere of influence is limited. I don’t know a lot of people and I don’t have a lot of connections.” Does this sound familiar? You are frustrated but you still have hope. There must be a better way.

Nothing happened with attraction marketing except that it became more of a necessity.

There is nothing worse than chasing people around that have zero interest in what we are offering. It’s an easy call to say that the most qualified prospects are those that are coming to you… not someone you found. Sometimes it’s hard to get, but when you learn and realize that not everyone is a prospect your life will become much easier.

The days of “interruption” or “annoying marketing” are over for us. We can put it to rest once and for all…no longer will we be chasing people around and annoying others with our pitches. That’s too much like begging and there is no need for it.

There is a better way. It’s time to take your business online and it’s time to learn the art of attraction marketing. Just think if you could have people asking you about your business …wouldn’t that be a switch.

People buy from people, and repeat business comes from treating those people right ... not from the old burn and churn practice. We stay around, we make ourselves available, we provide support and training, and we continue to offer solutions to problems.

It’s so important today to establish an online identity…even for those who are good offline marketers…why? .. because people sponsor shop, and the first thing they do now is go online and search you out. If you cannot be found they will move on so you better have a decent online presence. It’s just the way it is nowadays.

Sponsor Shopping Is Also What Happened With Attraction marketing

Often times when a prospect comes to you they have already checked you out online, and they found good quality content so they sought you out. They want that leadership and those people who do come looking for you are infinitely more qualified than anyone that you could ever approach.

That can happen. That will happen. Start learning the techniques to market your business online, and then teach others. You will be amazed. You will learn things that your upline didn’t tell you, and that your company didn’t tell you.

what happened with attraction marketing

Start learning to be that attraction marketer for the new year and the years to come. Make 2019 your year of change.

The training is available and it's all free. We live in the information age. You just need to get a little resourceful and learn how to search online. 

You will and you must acquire the skills needed….develop yourself out. Create your image, your brand, and your niche and bring more to the marketplace…. that’s how you attract business to you. You are the CEO… it starts with you and it ends with you.

Here’s 6 points to help you structure the attraction marketing learning curve.

  • 1
    Identify and understand what attraction marketing is well enough to teach it. 
  • 2
    Identify how and where it fits in your business,
  • 3
    Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • 4
    Apply what you learn on a regular daily basis.
  • 5
    Create quality content and share it.
  • 6
    Show others what you have learned and what you are going to teach now.

Add Attraction Marketing For 2019 And Everything will change for you

Attraction Marketing is a different way of thinking and a different way of doing things. It is aggressive, engaged, action taking. It is mentorship and leadership by example…a different approach to the way you conduct business…and it’s gratifying.

Marketing at it’s finest. Marketing yourself, your brand, and your skill-sets. Nothing else matters in business if good marketing is not in place.

The attraction marketing model is the right way to start for beginners, and for others it’s the right way to restart. Think hard about your foundation and how strong you want your organization to be. 

Realize that with you as the CEO … you are the business and you own it. If something were to happen to the company you are representing it’s not complete devastation. 

Is it an inconvenience when a company goes belly up on you? Of course it is but it’s far easier to rebuild when you own the organization…when it’s your list and when all your subscribers look to you as the leader.

Stay on this course…continue to follow along and learn with us. We are students too but we just teach what we learn. You can do the same thing.

thank you for your time!

I hope you enjoyed this complete guide to Attraction marketing. I also hope that now you fully realize the only thing that happened with attraction marketing is it becoming the new standard for success in the team building industry.

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