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Why People Quit MLM Companies And Why They’ll Quit You in 2019

There are many reason’s why people quit MLM companies and their teams. Some of these reasons are avoidable, others are not. Sometimes it’s just the path of human nature.

But hey if this stuff was easy we would all be rich. The secret is learning how to get more people to stay. You’ll never keep them all. But by applying a few practical principles a good chunk of the quitters will find enough reasons to stay.

the pieces to not quitting your MLM

how to keep people from quitting your mLM


Provide team training and support

Be a good sponsor and be available. Answer your phone and your emails. Is there a community where your team members can hang out with other members? If not then create one.

Facebook groups work great for this. Being exposed to excitement, activity, and engaged teammates can do wonders. Have you ever felt like you were in it alone? That’s enough right there to make anyone want to quit your MLM.

Develop yourself to not quit your MLM

Training and support is the glue to keep a team together. Make sure they have a place to go for answers to questions and for any advice they might need. It works wonders for team moral and for ultimately keeping people on board.


Don’t create​​​​ win or lose scenarios

Pressuring a new recruit to “score in 24”, meaning, recruit their first rep in their first 24 hours, or “get 3 in your first 30 days” is asking for trouble.

These types of pressure tactics can create unnecessary stress and tension for the new member. They are already overwhelmed if new to the industry. Don't risk pushing them out the door before they even get started. 

So leave the high pitch sales pressures to door to door salesmen. People want to move at their own pace. If you plug them in to the community mentioned above they will get the vibes they need.

People quit MLM's over pressure tactics

Often times I have seen “sleepers” come to life, when the time is right for them. And meanwhile if they are purchasing product … well, we LOVE customers, right?


Keep Recruiting

What’s the best thing you can do after recruiting someone?. Immediately go recruit another while the fire is hot. That’s the best example you can give.

Others will follow your lead. If you switch over to manager or maintenance mode, what do you suppose your people are going to do?

If they see their sponsor or uplines out recruiting that will inspire them. 

I’m not telling you to do nothing but recruit, or to not be in manager mode,. No I'm not saying that at all. Managing your team is ultra-important.

But I am saying don’t stop recruiting. I’m saying lead by example. Your team members will be far more reluctant to quit their MLM's if they have examples to follow.


Do not tell people it’s easy

This is a big one. Be honest and make sure they know what’s involved and what it takes to build an organization. Too many times people get brought in on false promises.

As soon as your new members realize it’s not as easy as they thought, they are gone. Make sure they are fully aware what’s involved and what they will need to do.

Find out their reason for joining and what their expectations are. Question and qualify your new recruit. Learn their WHY … you might need to remind them of it later.

proper expectations

Often times when the going gets tough, people forget the reasons why they are doing this in the first place. They find the easy way out and you’ll never see them again. And make sure they understand that there is real work involved!

Bringing people in your organization by telling them whatever you think they need to hear, to join, is a recipe for disaster. Be completely honest instead. Set the stage so there are no surprises. 

Not setting expectations properly often times will lead new people to quit your MLM.


Social challenges will cause new people to quit

Negative friends and family members will cause doubts and deflate confidence. People from other companies will intervene and say things in attempts to get them over on their side.

News channels and media who don’t get the business model will spread horror stories about MLM and scare new people.

Sometimes at every corner there are reasons to doubt what they are doing and it will turn them off. It’s so important to know their WHY.

Never give up on your MLM

Remind them of their reasons for joining. Help them keep that thought fresh in their minds. Make sure they understand the business model and that the model is not just okay, but the best way to go.

The MLM structure is a wonderful model that blesses lives daily. Those who understand it will know this, and they will not quit the business. 


Have A Great Product

This kind of goes without saying, but if you don’t have a great product, people are going to quit. The product needs to be so good that people would buy it even if there's no business attached.

Yes there needs to be a lot of things in place, such as a good and knowledgeable management team , ample funding and backing, good branding and marketing materials, a duplicatable marketing system and a business model that is fair for everyone.

But without a product great enough that people would buy whether there is an opportunity or not, they will quit your MLM.

And quite frankly, if these things are not in place, you should not be there asking others to join with you in the first place.

So that’s a rough fast overview of why people quit mLM

If you do these things it will help your retention, but you are never going to get 100%

A book could be written about why people quit their businesses and some of the pages would just be blank … because sometimes no one really knows. Sometimes even the people quitting don’t know why they are quitting.

In many cases people won’t tell you why they are quitting and it won’t be so apparent…. they just disappear one day. And sometimes the reasons they give are not the reasons at all.

But if you are honest in your recruiting and set expectations, provide training and support, and get their WHY loud and clear, you can save a lot of them.

don't quit your MLM

It's unfortunate and all too often in this industry that people quit just before a breakout. We see it time and time again. 

But if we provide the things listed here it's all we can do. We do the best we can to give people a map and the tools to succeed, but they have to do the work. They have to take what's provided, put action into place, and do the rest.

Sometimes no matter what we do, people are going to quit their MLM often times before they even start. It's just odd human behavior and part of the industry. Expect it and you won't be disappointed when it happens. 

Just keep going. Keep working it. Keep bringing in new people and trust me if you do that long enough you'll find your superstars. Just don't quit.

Hope this helps.

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Joyce woodard says May 23, 2018

I started with this co an you over a year ago. I put on hold due to health reasons, but i didn’t quit compleetly. Restarting. Thanks for all the informstion you put out. I read it even when not active. I have a question. If you can help me, ok. If not, i will find away. Im 77, just retired 1 yr ago as RN. I am Not to tech savvy. Have my fon but not a computer or printer now. Going to go travel some. I have a lot of friends, relatives who also have no computers. But i want to give them access to there products. Do you have any flyers, cards handouts. If so an you could mail me copies, i would pay postage an other costs. Then i could copy at kinkos, or. Let me kno how i can order these myself. I apologize for length. Thanks either way. I plan to get busy. Joyce woodsrd. 3915 S Sunnyvale Dr. WVC, 84120. 801 244 1682

    Brett Gurney says May 26, 2018

    thanks you for commenting here Joyce. We are connected now and have emailed back and forth. Looking forward to working with you. Cheers BG

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