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Your Digital Footprint – Is It Expanding?


Are you expanding your digital footprint on a regular basis?

In this blog post we are going to go over some techniques for branding yourself on the internet and for expanding your digital footprint.

I always make it a point, or a part of my regular routine, to scan  the internet in search of good content that I can learn from and that I can teach. The information i’m sharing with digital-footprint-jpgyou today is a result of that searching around, and it’s loading with great pointers for expanding or growing your digital footprint…good stuff.

I don’t do all of these YET.. a good percentage I do, but not all of them yet. Something to mention, you do not have to be an expert at anything to be successful with internet marketing. You can simply learn and teach as you go….teach what you learn and you will become known as a trusted advisor…something a lot of people are looking for. It’s also ok to teach what you are not doing yet, but that you are researching with all intent to get started with….simply pass on good information that others are publishing…become a curator of knowledge and information.

They suggest we start with the easy one, so here they go:

  • Comment on Relevent Blogs – This is easy and it leads to exposure and backlinks
  • Get an About.Me Account – A fill in the blank exercise that creates a pile of links pointing back to you
  • Microblog Often and consistently – Use Social Media for Microblogging and do it often…there are many but have a least Twittter, Linkedin, Goolgle+, and Facebook
  • Be A Picture Publisher – You take pictures so publish them…at least the ones that are relevent to your business or a resulting lifestyle from your business… This creates more exposure for you. There are many but do these Pinterest, Instragram, Tumblr, Flickrdigital-footprint-jpg

The following are more advanced:

  • Make Video’s – Don’t like making video’s? …. get a Youtube channel and get over it.
  • Do Picture Shows – I’ve heard of slideShare and it’s on my list of ToDo’s. It sounds like a great digital footprint expander
  • Squidoo – Create a Squidoo “lens” for greater exposure.
  • – A home for lists and your posts become interactive and optimized
  • Curate Professionally – I do a lot of this and I love it… I use Scoop.It, but there’s also RebelMouse, Twylah, and
  • Get Graphic – Infographics are hot… I’ve learned there are some DIY’ers that we can use Piktochart,, Infogra.m, and
  • Do eNews – Permission based email marketing via Newsletter

Here’s for high achievers:


  • Guest Blog – Start with your own and work towards guest publishing. Here’s the steps… blog brilliantly, go where there are no gates, apply yourself, beat down doors, publish and pray (don’t worry we will expand on this in future articles)
  • Webcast – Webinars, Podcasts, Video Programs… working up to these myself.
  • Get Interviewed – Scary, but massively separating yourself from all the amateurs… hopefully on my way
  • Make Books – I haven’t done this yet, but it’s in my brain and it’s something I know I can do. There’s free ebooks and purchasable books. Let’s start with free and work up shall we.


  • Adwords – expand your search success, get everywhere, and learn and improve
  • Retarget – have to investigate this and see what it’s all about.

Positioning yourself to get lucky: How? … by doing a lot of this:

  • Bookmark Sites – don’t know a lot about them but from what i understand they are not dead. Think Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, and more
  • Feeds – RSS Feeds… tools that push your content to readers that want it or sprinkle it automatically across social networks
  • Groups – good old fashioned networking….something I’ve never done. Meetups, SVForum, Foreigners .. maybe someday

Yes…pretty vague I know but not to worry…this is going to be fun…so much content here to expand upon. So watch for coming articles breaking all this down as we learn more about how to expand our digital footprint.

by Brett Gurney


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Striving for Excellence

P.S. Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Tips & Techniques and guides to building the brand of YOU.

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