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Getting Started the Right Way in Your Internet Marketing Career

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It's being stated by the experts that by the year 2020 one half of the world's population will be online. A healthy percentage of them will be looking for opportunity.

That's a good reason for getting started in MLM now. There are several other good reasons.

Doing it the right way can position you in front of a good percentage of those people. It's also been said that over 80% of new opportunity seekers start their online business journey's with a search on Google.

Putting yourself in the path of those opportunity seekers is a darn good way to leverage your business building efforts. Does that make sense?

Getting Started With MLM And Internet Marketing

Before I go any further though I have to make a point and I must choose my words carefully to get the correct meaning across. I'll be talking a lot about getting started in MLM the right way. I'll also be talking a lot about internet marketing.

That doesn't necessarily mean for the brand new person to start their business adventure with internet marketing. Internet marketing is a learned skill that takes time. And I wouldn't want anyone to not start building their teams while learning.

You can't begin with something you don't know how to do yet. But you for sure can start learning the internet marketing trade while you're starting with the more conventional methods.

Begin with what you know how to do, such as talking to your friends and family, co-workers, and others in your community. This will get you well on your way.

So when I say getting started in MLM the right way, this simply means understanding and knowing that a well rounded strategy will need to be in play. Big global businesses have never been built with just friends and family. You are going to have to acquire some other skill sets to expand your business.

The secret to success with a network marketing company is to learn and use all phases of marketing. That includes online marketing of all sorts, and offline marketing of all sorts.

you need traffic!

Your friends and your family, people you know, community associates, work mates, etc will get you going, yes. But over time that will slow down for you. You need traffic to your website.

If you learn how to drive traffic to your website you can build any MLM any time. Learn the skill and it's yours for life. You will own it.

There are two types. Paid advertising and organic traffic. These are two different skills. I'll be talking about organic traffic. 

Organic traffic is relatively zero out of pocket expense. I won't say it's free. You'll pay dearly learning the trade. But that's the case with all trades. You must invest your time and effort. That's what will cost you. 

You will also need marketing tools. Nothing major ... hosting account, domain, and maybe a web page builder software. These are a small expense. The majority of your investment will be in learning. Reading, studying, and doing.

understanding the strategy is crucial to your long term success

Most new people online immediately think of social networks like Facebook when they hear the term internet marketing. That's not wrong, but it's not right either. At least not completely right. 

Yes, using social media to share a message of your business is a form of internet marketing. But it's just one small piece of the puzzle. It's one step in a series of steps to complete the picture.

I could talk about how important on the scale each piece is. But it's really about making all the pieces work together. That's where the power comes from.

You see, it's all about becoming seen and becoming known. And for this to happen you have to learn how to be everywhere. How to spread your message far and wise using the power of the internet.

If you do this consistently over a period of time, you'll create your own brand online. And if you can do that, you're winning the battle.

get yourself a plan and stick to it 

Yes it's true you do need a plan, and you need to stick to it. This is a big part of getting started with MLM the right way. You are going to run into a lot of trainers, guru's, coaches, and know-it-all's. All saying something different.

This is where so many people get frustrated and walk away. Information overload leads to frustration and confusion. Too many people saying too many different things. You don't need to buy courses or pay to attend webinars.

You just need to start creating your own brand online by being everywhere. All the training you need is online and it's all free. It might take you a little bit to determine who you should be following. The best thing you can do is find one person that is doing what you want to do successfully, and learn from them. Do what they do.

this is your basic formula

It's going to look something like this  ...

You need a home base. This is most often your own personal About Me website or personal blog. Here you will tell people about yourself and what you do. You can drive traffic here, and with a blog attached, which is recommended, you'll have several different pages and topics for that traffic to go. 

I suggest keeping it all within the same niche, keeping in mind the goal at first is to just get started. You won't know yet if you're doing it exactly right. But it's okay I don't think anyone has ever stayed on the exact same path as they progress and learn.

But if you just get started you will grow and learn and figure it all out. If you continue to wait, taking training after training thinking you can learn it classroom style, you don't stand a chance in hell.

It is from this home base that you will branch out and feed all your other online properties by sharing your articles and posts. Picture it like a wheel.  Your base is the hub and the spokes are the paths to all your other platforms.

The other platforms consist of video sharing sites like Youtube, all your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, newsletters, company owned websites, and Facebook business pages and team groups.

So you share the blog posts and pages out to your other platforms, with links driving the traffic right back to where they originated, That traffic will be offered an enticing reason to opt-in to your email list. This is a trade. The visitors email in exchange for your gift (something of value). 

Now you are building a hot Email list of interested prospects 

The money is in the list. Email lists of prospects are powerful. You can follow up with these people by providing good quality content that teaches stuff about your niche and teaching them about your company and products.

I don't care what anyone says email marketing is still the best. But it's not the only way. You can build lists of followers on your Facebook pages and groups and also your Youtube channels. 

However, you are still eventually going to have to get those people to a website so they can join your biz opp or purchase your products. And your blog posts which you drive the traffic back to will take care of that for you. Just link to wherever you want people to go.

what about company websites 

So why do we do it this way. Everyone in an MLM gets a company replicated website where people join and purchase. Why not just send your traffic to those sites?

Many reasons. There are a ton of reasons why it's not a good idea to send your traffic to a company website. 

First of all you don't own that site, You cannot tell people about yourself and you cannot collect email addresses to build a list. And that's what it's all about. Here I'll say it again ... the money is in the list.

Even though you are a rep of the company, you absolutely are building your own business. And you business consists of your inventory. Your email list and your followers are your inventory. What if something happened and you changed your mind about the company you are with? If you don't own the list you cannot take it with you.

Do you see? Even though you are with an MLM you are still the boss. You are branding yourself and you are building you first.

The company you represent simply becomes one of your products. But the list and the followers and the traffic and the domain authority should ALWAYS all belong to you.

company websites cannot be optimized for SEO

I won't go much into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) right now other than to say it is something that you are going to want to learn and apply. It's a little more advanced but it's something you can pick up once you have your foundation layed.

Do you recall in the beginning I mentioned putting yourself into the path of all the new biz opp seekers coming online every day? SEO is how you do it. When people do a search someone's website gets shown. 

When they search for something related to your company or product, do you want to be the one that gets shown, or do you want it to be some other rep's site that gets shown?

Silly question right?

The thing is that company replicated sites do not get shown on the Google results. Personal sites and pages do. SEO is a huge part of internet marketing. It's a part that you would not want to ignore. You will want to learn it. If you get good with SEO it can make you rich.

And even though company replicated MLM sites do not work with SEO, you can still build a massive MLM team using SEO.

I'll go so far as to say getting started with MLM the right way absolutely must include tapping into this organic traffic through search engines. This is what you are working towards. But you have to have the basics first.


Are you having trouble getting started with your online biz or your internet marketing?

Are you a victim of information overload? … is it causing you to question which methods are right and which one’s are wrong?

Do you feel like you must be an expert in order to make something happen?

In this post I will share why you should get started now today, why experience or previous knowledge is not a factor, but how important it is getting started the right way.

Information overload to an aspiring networker is like a debilitating injury to an athlete. It can and will stop you dead in your tracks. Thinking you have to have everything in place Getting Started JPEGand perfect in order to get started can have the same effect. But despite the information overload it’s still vital to just get going. The preferred way is of course to find someone who can help you get started the right way. The video below is a small look into some of the ways I started, that may not have been the best, yet still got me going. It’s always a progression, and if you surround yourself with the right coaching, mentoring, and training you will find progressing quickly and properly.
Getting ready to get ready is another killer, just as is thinking everything needs to be perfect. It’s more important to just start. It took me a long time…years…to understand a lot of this. I had no problem getting started…but I did have a problem with the transition into doing things the right way. Things are different today… different on the internet and what works and what doesn’t, the techniques that get results are different, and I’m different. I know now what needs to be done, what I need to do to see that happens, and that sharing that information is golden.

Getting StartedPlease continue to follow me as I take you through my training of all aspects of internet marketing the right way. I’m learning from one of the best, and I’m doing it on a daily basis. Everything I learn I will be sharing with you. Get started, but get started the right way. Find yourself someone you feel can teach you, who is in the business of teaching, block out all the other noise, and learn yourself a trade. Don’t try and be an expert at everything at first. Find something you understand or that you like and learn it all the way…get good at it…become an expert at it, and then add something new.

So watch the video now and see that you do not have to be an expert in order to get started, but find someone who can teach you in getting started the right way.


Brett Gurney

Striving for Excellence

P.S. Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Tips & Techniques and guides to building the brand of YOU.

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