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Getting Started the Right Way in Your Internet Marketing Career

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Getting started the right way in your internet marketing career is vital to your long term success.

Are you having trouble getting started with your online biz or your internet marketing?

Are you a victim of information overload? … is it causing you to question which methods are right and which one’s are wrong?

Do you feel like you must be an expert in order to make something happen?

In this post I will share why you should get started now today, why experience or previous knowledge is not a factor, but how important it is getting started the right way.

Information overload to an aspiring networker is like a debilitating injury to an athlete. It can and will stop you dead in your tracks. Thinking you have to have everything in place Getting Started JPEGand perfect in order to get started can have the same effect. But despite the information overload it’s still vital to just get going. The preferred way is of course to find someone who can help you get started the right way. The video below is a small look into some of the ways I started, that may not have been the best, yet still got me going. It’s always a progression, and if you surround yourself with the right coaching, mentoring, and training you will find progressing quickly and properly.
Getting ready to get ready is another killer, just as is thinking everything needs to be perfect. It’s more important to just start. It took me a long time…years…to understand a lot of this. I had no problem getting started…but I did have a problem with the transition into doing things the right way. Things are different today… different on the internet and what works and what doesn’t, the techniques that get results are different, and I’m different. I know now what needs to be done, what I need to do to see that happens, and that sharing that information is golden.

Getting StartedPlease continue to follow me as I take you through my training of all aspects of internet marketing the right way. I’m learning from one of the best, and I’m doing it on a daily basis. Everything I learn I will be sharing with you. Get started, but get started the right way. Find yourself someone you feel can teach you, who is in the business of teaching, block out all the other noise, and learn yourself a trade. Don’t try and be an expert at everything at first. Find something you understand or that you like and learn it all the way…get good at it…become an expert at it, and then add something new.

So watch the video now and see that you do not have to be an expert in order to get started, but find someone who can teach you in getting started the right way.


Brett Gurney

Striving for Excellence

P.S. Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Tips & Techniques and guides to building the brand of YOU.

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Pat OGorman says June 25, 2018

If this stuff really works for most people I might like to try it, but its got to work for me and my wife first.

    Brett Gurney says June 25, 2018

    ok Pat …. do you have a business you are wanting to promote… or a product you want to share with people. I’m assuming you are interested in learning how to do that using the internet? Are you taking any kind of training for that now?

      Brett Gurney says June 26, 2018

      hey pat …. i just realized something. Now I know that you found this blog post through my igalen/emulin/klamax newsletter. I thought you were asking about the blog post here but now i think you may be referring to the product. So … yes I agree. Try the product so you know it works for sure 🙂 If you still have that email the purchase links are there. Thanks BG

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