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14 Things That Make Good Writing Content

Good Writing Content

So what is good writing content, and why should I care?

Good writing content, contrary to some people’s understanding, can make all the difference in your marketing results. If practiced and done efficiently, will boost opt-ins, conversions, and sales. That is the entire point of getting good at something, am I right? …. it’s all about the end resultGood Writing Content.

If you’re not testing though, you’ll never know if your writing content is getting good. Something might look
better, or feel better, but the result is the true indicator. So you have to test… that’s all there is to it. You have to evaluate, double-check, and test test test.

Here’s a list of things that make up good writing content, so test them regularly. Some might seem obvious, others might get overlooked. Having a list of stuff to check never hurts, so here you go.

1. Make Good Headlines – There are good headlines, and not so good headlines, but how do you know? An A/B test will tell you. Send two different headlines, each to half your list.

2. Have a Good Offer – What you think is a good offer, others might not…so test more than one and keep the winner.

3. Responsive Copy Format – What do I mean by this? Responsive copy format means it will fit and be eligible and look good on all devices. As many people are on mobile now as are on PC. Make sure your copy works on all devices… if you’re not sure, test it.

4. Good Copywriting – The copy should flow and lead a person. Keeping someone’s attention and on the Good Writing Content page is quite critical, wouldn’t you say? Test it. Take snippets of the copy and share it on your favorite social media platforms. See what kind of response or engagement you get. Are the words good, do they grab people?

5. Your delivery – I’m constantly testing and trying new marketing tools, systems, and techniques. The internet is fast-moving and nothing stays the same. What works today might not work tomorrow. Keep up with the current trends and use the mediums that are converting.

6. Have Good Eye Popping Graphics – This is huge. It’s been shown and proven that good graphics increase conversions many times over. Test your graphics. Simple A/B testing, changing nothing but the graphics, will tell you a lot.

7. System Functionality – This seems obvious but it is often overlooked. Make sure your website works, your links work, your redirects work, your autoresponders work, your checkout processes work, etc, etc. Is it user-friendly and smooth flowing? Make sure.

8. Present Facts – Double check your work for accuracy. Do your homework before posting anything you’re not sure about. Never go on hear-say there’s nothing more annoying to people than reading stuff they know is not accurate.

9. Keep It Simple – If your content is difficult to read and understand no one is going to stick around. You might be an intellect but not everyone is. If your words are long and complex, change them to short and easy to read. Keep it simple and flowing and you’ll keep people’s interest far longer.

10. Solve Problems – People want solutions, so you want to provide answers. Your audience won’t be interested in what you have or what you are offering if there’s not something in it for them. If your copy satisfies a need, keep it. If it doesn’t, change it.

11. Good Spelling and Grammar – Yes it matters. regardless of where you are posting…. social media, good writing contentblogging, article, websites… use your spell check and read it back to yourself more than once. If it’s awkward, make it not awkward. Keep it flowing… this takes practice but you’ll get better.

12. Sequences Are Good – If they are in the proper order and flow. If you are teaching, or explaining something that requires a series of action or events, make sure you give the correct sequence and easy to follow directions. You’ll lose people fast if they can’t follow and get lost.

13. Keep It Above The Fold – What does this mean? No matter where your material is, the important good stuff goes at the top, or you need very specific and clear instructions for people to scroll to the highlight. You have about 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention.

14. Make It Original – Last but not least. It’s ok to use other people’s material to get you going and put the thoughts in your head. This is called research. But don’t copy and paste. Google knows it and so do your readers. Take this article for example. All this material did not just pop into my head when I sat down to write… I’m not that smart. I have material to reference…. but…. everything I write is in my own words. I take other people’s material and make it mine. That’s ok to do… put it in your own words and use the other material as memory joggers.

If you are not sure that you changed things up enough, or you are concerned about grammar, you can use these resources to find out.

Grammarly – http://www.grammarly.com/
Copyscape – http://www.copyscape.com/

Good writing content comes with practice. It doesn’t have to be perfect and being too critical can freeze you. Just start writing and pumping out some content. The rest will take care of itself.

by Brett Gurney

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