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7 Proven Marketing Methods For Today’s World

Marketing Methods

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your online marketing methods not working?

Are you doing the same things over and over with little to no results?

That gets old and frustrating …am I right?

Well, it’s not you…. or maybe I should say it’s not just you. It’s something that many of us are feeling now. Truth be told, a lot of the marketing methods that used to work online, just don’t work anymore. Times are changing…. the internet is a fast moving vehicle and what worked yesterday might not work today.

Nowadays, it’s not good enough, to be just good enough. Nowadays you must be better. The competition is brutal. Everyone’s getting in on the act and it’s like a swarm of bees out there.

There are so many “new” people online trying to do the deal, that it’s real easy to get lost in the crowd. Marketing MethodsEveryone trying to market the same way…. the same old way. However… this can work to your advantage. If you are just a “little better” not only will you not get lost in the crowd, but you’ll shine in the crowd.

Do things exemplary, and you’ll be like a shining beacon. The good part…. it’s not difficult to be better. It’s just a matter of knowing what needs to be done to be better.

Back in the day when you could simply place an ad just about anywhere, attract consumers, and make sales are long gone. People have become numb to the overabundance of ads more recently. Today’s marketing methods are all about “attraction and connections.”

In the remainder of this post, I’m going to bring your attention to some of those marketing methods that can create the “attraction and connections” that are so much needed in this day and age.

Responsive Websites – What do I mean by responsive websites? Mobile optimized. In case you didn’t know, the world has gone mobile. Or at least half of it has. Mobile technology is the now and the future. If your websites are not mobile responsive, you are losing your shirt tails to those whose sites are mobile responsive.

Social Media – Everyone is aware of social media, and most people are on social media, but not everyone knows how to use it to their benefit when it comes to business and marketing. It’s not enough to just join Facebook, you have to also participate. You must present yourself as a person who is there to market and who is serious about it. That means filling out your profiles completely, showing your brand in a good positive light, sharing your content regularly, sharing other people’s content regularly, engaging with other people regularly with likes and comments, participating in discussions and conversations in groups and on pages, and creating relationships with those who have something in common with you. Participation is key.Marketing Methods

Teach Something – The minute you show you have knowledge in something, and you are willing to share that knowledge with others, you become an authority figure that others will follow. Teaching something breaks down barriers, get’s people’s attention, fills a need and a void, and it shows people you are bringing value to the marketplace. Everyone is good at something. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to know more than most of your audience, on any given subject.

Become an Author – Whatever your niche or your topic is…. whatever you are good at, you can write about it. Providing information, tutorials, stories, examples, resources, and marketing techniques are just a few of the formats you can write on. Authoring a book is an exceptional way to bring attention to you and your business. The costs are extremely low, but the results can be highly effective. Pay particular attention to the quality of the cover. It should be professional and appealing and this will go a long way.

Use Videos – People love videos and they have come to expect them…. they often look for videos when Marketing Methodsthey are surfing about for information. Video marketing has exploded recently and a lot of networkers consider using videos in their campaigns to be mandatory. There are different types of videos and you can make your own, or easily outsource it. Sales videos, explaindio videos, tutorial videos, videos that tell a story, product launch and review videos, how-to videos, company management introduction videos, team training videos, and the list goes on.

Special Landing Pages & Funnels – Nothing get’s the attention of a potential prospect more than a smooth flowing funnel that takes a person on a tour to get all the information they need, before ever having to talk to anyone. This shows them they are dealing with a professional marketer who knows their stuff and has something to offer. Keep in mind there’s more to it than just the funnel …you still have to make yourself available. There will always be human interaction required, but if you couple a funnel with the other items listed here today, you’ll have your prospects in the bag before you ever even speak with them, and when you do speak with them, you’ll know you’re talking to someone who’s already highly interested in whatever you are offering.

And finally, Mix up Your Delivery – Use a variety of different forms of content delivery on your blog and/or website. Don’t just use text – use video, podcasts, audio and more to give your visitors a lot of ways to consume your content. People have different preferences and different likes and dislikes when it comes to how they best absorb information. You just give them a variety to choose from.

So if your online efforts have stagnated and producing little results, try utilizing the marketing methods mentioned above and see if you can take to a next level.

by Brett Gurney

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