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What is Your Greatest Business Asset?


What Would You Consider To Be Your Greatest Business Asset?

Would it be your list, your website, your system, your company, or your product? All those things are vitally important yes…. but which is the most valuable to your business?

This is a topic that has slowly come to make more sense to me the longer I am in this business. What really is my greatest business asset? …and what really is my greatest contribution to that asset?

One will get a lot of varying answers to this question…. but when i realized my greatest business asset was my audience, and that the way I connected with that audience was so critical… then things began to change. Coming to the realization that the content I created and put out had everything to do with them, and not me… what they wanted and not what i wanted, it all became crystal clear..


Business Asset

Our audiences require, and demand, relevant content to their needs…. not what I want to hear and see, but what they want to hear and see. The content we create must be helpful… it must be interesting and informative, and easy to read, listen to and watch… for them not for us.

The stuff we put out really doesn’t have to be cute, or in-depth… it doesn’t have to be hyped up, or overly clever… it simply needs to fill a need and solve a problem … simply. Easy to understand, easy to comprehend, and easy to please. If it can solve a problem or fill a need, that’s really all that’s required.

If the content can do that, then it’s good content… if it cannot, then it’s not good content. Does that make sense? It’s only relevant if your audience says it is… it’s only helpful if they think it is, and it’s only rewarding if it’s rewarding to them.

I’ve learned that putting my needs and wants aside, and putting my audiences needs and wants as the top priority…the following things began to happen….

  • The content became easier to write.

    Business Asset

  • My focus became content that was more reader-friendly.
  • I started sounding less like a giant business and more like a friendly human being who was simply providing answers to questions.
  • I stopped trying to make my content “impressive” and started trying to make it clear and useful.
  • The answers to the questions became more precise, clear, and to the point.
  • I quit using “clever” headlines and start using benefit-rich ones.
  • I started to see more engagement to the content I was delivering.

My conclusion … stop talking at or around your audience, and start talking WITH them… more like a two-way conversation. When you serve your audience with what they need and want, in a friendly useful easy to understand manner…and provide helpful material that they can relate to, benefit from, or that will help fill a need or solve a problem… then they want more. So you see… it’s your audience that is your greatest business asset.

by Brett Gurney

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