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Owning Your Business – Do you own your business, or are you renting?

Owning Your Business – are you the owner, or the middleman?

Network marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle…lots of pieces that need to be put together to get the big picture.Looking at all those pieces it’s easy to get overwhelmed… do I have the energy and/or the patience to put them all together? This is where we fall prey to “the easy way out” … or so we think. Taking the route of what appears to be the simple solutions might seem the best way at the time.

“Ready in 5 minute” websites, company replicated sites, and “done for you” marketing systems. It’s free! It’s Easy! Sound familiar?owning-your-business-jpg

It can also be dangerous and a huge waste of time.

Think about offline brick and mortar businesses for a moment. You are renting a building and have a decent business going only to have the lease expire and the landlord triples the rent on you. Your profits are not enough to sustain and you go under. Or worse yet he sells the building out from under you and you are out of business.

These are the things that can happen when you are renting and not owning your business. Best solution of course is to own the land your store is on, but this can be cost prohibitive. This is where it’s nice to be an online business. It’s more than affordable to own the land your store sits on. You don’t want to rely on someone elses platform. Renting is not the way to go. Owning your business IS the way to go.

Don’t work for someone else… don’t work for facebook or for your company owned replicated site. If the only place you are networking or creating contacts and connections is on facebook, you are working for them. If the only place you send people to view your business is a company replicated site, you work for them. If you are using 3rd party generic landing owning-your-business-jpgpages you work for that company and they get your leads. And guess what….facebook is making changes all the time… and they can close your account any time they want. Company site go offline, sites crash, sometimes they just shut down and go away. 3rd party marketing systems do all sorts of crazy stuff including emailing your leads when they go out of business or when you leave them. So where are you when this happens? If the only place you get traffic is on Google, you work for google. If most of your customers come from Instagram or LinkedIn, you work for them. If you are using someone else’s landing page, they get your leads.

There’s a better option. You become the business. You rely on yourself and use Facebook, Google, your company replicated site, as outposts to support your business.

Building your business on someone else’s platform is called “digital sharecropping”. You do all the work and take all the risk, and the landlord reaps the benefits. They get all the traffic and the leads and the exposure… you are just the middleman. You don’t want to be the middleman you want to be owning your business. The landlord may not even be there next year.

Owning your business – develop your own websites with your own hosting account. Build an opt-in email list with a good autoresponder in your name. And create a reputation for providing good quality content of value. These are the equivalent of buying your building instead of renting it.

Sure things can still happen, but you have eliminated most of the possibilities. You are taking the necessary steps towards securing and ensuring your fate. When things do happen you are in a far better position to make minor changes to fix what’s broke. You can be proactive and take precautions that will eliminate most issues… and you can brand yourself as someone who is owning their business, and not playing middleman.

Owning your business… it’s the only way to go.

by Brett Gurney

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Ed Collignon says December 19, 2014

I have never heard it said better.

    Brett Gurney says February 22, 2015

    Thanks Ed. Appreciate it and glad you got something out of it. Cheers BG

Ken Heistand says January 26, 2015

Great Brett, this article nails it. Many of the people I talk to haven’t even given this the first thought

    Brett Gurney says February 22, 2015

    thanks ken… for reading, commenting, and for the words of encouragement… much appreciated. Cheers BG

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