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Improve Your Marketing Skills With This One Method

Improve Your Marketing Skills by Following Other Successful People

One of the best ways to improve your marketing skills and learn more is to find people with a style that you like, and that are doing what you would like to do …and then do what they do. Follow those people and apply their methods to your own marketing, while at the same time giving your content your own voice. Don’t copy and paste them …learn their methods and strategies, then add your own sauce on top.

Improve Your Marketing Skills

Improve Your Marketing Skills

It’s ok to use other people’s material if you are using it as examples to write or develop your own. It’s a great way to self-teach. If you’re just copying and pasting all the time, you aren’t learning anything, you are only plagiarizing… but using another successful person’s methods to study, and to apply with your own style and voice is an excellent way to learn and get better.

Here are some areas you might consider using from someone else to help further your marketing education and improve your marketing skills.

* Follow Them on All Social Media Accounts – If they are getting good engagement try to determine why that is. Notice how they are posting and what kinds of content they are putting out there. What kind of ratios are you seeing personal content vs business type stuff, if any at all? Are they conversing with people’s comments, or do they appear to hit and run? Are you seeing any method that appears to be feeding and fueling the engagement? What methods of delivering their message are they using… and is it always the same or is there a mix? Do you see them leading their followers to other channels or other content mediums such as blogs, video’s, websites, or other social media platforms? In addition, look carefully over their profiles… do you see any differences between theirs and yours? More branding maybe, or more About Me content? How about the cover image and the profile image.. any styling or content differences there?

* Sign Up For Their Email List – Watching how an experienced marketer works their list is golden. You can even set up a folder and save the emails, and start rewriting them in your own words. Taking note of the methods and the order and sequences that they do stuff, can help you tons. Pay attention to subject lines and formatting. Is it engaging, easy to read… do the subject lines make you want to open that email now? In addition… if you are getting promotional emails into your inbox pay attention to those also. When one comes through that makes you want to open it, why is that? Subject lines can actually make or break an email marketer. Remember, if you are moved to open an email because of the subject line, there’s a pretty good chance that others will too … so save it!

Improve Your Marketing Skills

Improve Your Marketing Skills

* Read Their Blog Often – Subscribe to their blogs so you get notified when new posts go out. Notice how often and what kind of topics they are writing about. Does the content appear to have value? Do you think it is compelling readers to want to come back or stay tuned for more? Are they getting comments and do they respond to the comments? How are they communicating? Do they appear to talk “at” their audience, or “with” their audience? Are they asking their readers to share their content, and do they have their blogs set up so that the posts are easy to share? How about the side bars…see anything there that gets your attention? Are they building a list or advertising on their blog as well? Pay attention to these things and when you see stuff they are doing that you want to do, then start studying and learning it.

* Subscribe to Their Youtube Channel – How often are they publishing videos? How long are the videos and what kind of content do you see in the videos? Are they screenshot videos, how-to videos, power point videos? Do they put themselves in their videos or just do voice overs? There’s a lot of different styles of videos. Look at how many views the videos get. Is there any particular style of video that gets more views than the others? Also, pay attention to the descriptions below the video …. what are they doing there? Can you get any tips from this?

* Google Them – Put their name in Google search… what do you see? Now Google your name. Any differences? Can you see some areas you might want to work on? In many cases when a person is considering working with another person, the first thing they do is go Google their name to see how active and engaged they are? Often times people sponsor shop… they are looking for someone that can help them in some way. If they Google a person’s name and there’s nothing … they
might keep shopping.

Everyone wants to improve their marketing skills. The methods just mentioned I have found to be particularly rewarding. Hope you get the same results!

by Brett Gurney

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