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Best Resources to Grow Your Online Business

Best Resources to Grow Your Online Business

The Best Resources to Grow Your Online Business Might Not Be What You Think!

What makes the best resources to grow your online business? How do we know? Are some really that much better than others?

The truth is, the best resources to grow your online business are the one’s you’re using and the one’s you’re good at. What works for some might not work as well for others. We all have different styles, different methods, some of us have more times than others, some have bigger budgets, or more online knowledge or experience. There are many different factors.

But, if you are not taking advantage of some of the more popular and easily accessible resources available today for marketing your online business, and if you are not using a mix of those resources to distribute your message, then you are not leveraging yourself, or all that’s available, as well as you could be.

Look at everything that’s available today…. much of it is free or close to free. There’s blogging, newsletters, email marketing, social media marketing – free and paid services, video marketing, article marketing, SEO ranking – free and paid services, forum marketing, solo ads, and more.

Best Resources to Grow Your Online Business

Best Resources to Grow Your Online Business

Content is still king, and will remain king. If you are not giving people a reason to want to work with you … if you are not providing value and education and solutions to problems, then your prospects will go find someone who is. It’s all about the content you are offering… either it has value or it doesn’t. You don’t have to be an expert at anything. If you just provide stuff that people can use to help them, if you just teach something, then you will acquire a following. If you don’t, then you won’t.

So what forms of content should you use? Well as mentioned above, there are many forms you can use, and eventually, you should use them all. But start with whatever you feel most comfortable with and get good at it. Then add to it. Don’t try to learn everything at once you’ll get overwhelmed and frustrated. I like video, blog posts, and Facebook posts. Everyone should be doing all three of those things in a fairly short amount of time, but start with one. As you get better you want to continue to add to your arsenal. Having multiple forms of distributing your message will allow you to reach a broader audience.

But you do need a plan of action, and this might be something I should have mentioned first. I teach all this in my Internet Marketing for Beginners book. Having a plan of action will allow you to stay focused and make progress. You will not be running around in circles wondering what to do next, or wondering why you are doing what you’re doing. It’s crucial to have a plan of action but to also understand why the plan is there and how the pieces will eventually fit together. What is your short goal, and what is the end result?

Some people will tell you to create a publication calendar, or something similar. I say just create a basic plan, and stick to it. Get away from too much planning and not enough doing. Just do something…it’s the only way to learn is to just do it. It won’t be perfect. It might even look ugly to you at first, but it will get better, and the self-satisfaction of moving forward and providing content is a major motivator. Just get some stuff our there because quite frankly branding yourself is everything. If you want to get followers you need to start putting out some content so people will start recognizing your name.

Best Resources to Grow Your Online Business

Best Resources to Grow Your Online Business

The email list is arguably the most important thing to an online marketer. I like the argument, and I teach it.The money really is in the list. Everything else that you are doing ….all the content marketing … is geared towards getting an email address. You provide something people want and can use, in exchange for an email address. Some might tell you social media marketing has replaced email marketing… they might even actually think that… but in reality, social media marketing is just another platform to lead people to your email list. All your distribution channels are simply paths to acquiring email addresses.

Once you have built your email list, and you manage your email list like a professional, then you market to the list. You continue to offer and provide value and high-quality content, but you also send your offers … and now you will get results.

So the moral of the story, is to start. Just start .. and learn as you go. Get better as you go. Start adding pieces as you go. And the flow will come. You will figure it all out if you just start and go. You will learn how to link it all together. The end result is a loop that interconnects all your distribution channels so you saturate the space with your content and your name. Your name will begin to resonate in people’s minds. The more they see you, the more they will expect to see you, and want to see you. Because then they are beginning to realize that you are serious about what you are doing, and you have something to offer.

The best resources to grow your online business, are the ones you are using.

So just start.

by Brett Gurney

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