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Using Yoast SEO Plugin To Optimize Your WordPress

Yoast SEO Plugin is a great tool for maximizing the SEO optimization of your WordPress site that comes recommended by many bloggers, including Adlandpro owner Bogdan Fiedur. From Bogdan’s blog –  “Another tool we have added is called the Yoast SEO plugin, because as we all know while Content is King, without good SEO, your […]

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Youtube Video/Blog Basics … cool things you can do

Marketing Methods

OK …so we have a lot going on right now that is keeping us from posting as often as we would like. That will change soon. Right now we are still tinkering around with the Jetpack plugin and i must say it’s pretty darn cool. Today we added the sharing option for super easy sharing […]

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Jetpack… multi-function plugin. Let’s try it out.

Greetings Friends. Hoping everyone’s having a great month of June and that all’s well with you. We’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about this Jetpack plugin. It actually originated with In fact you have to open a account first (that’s the auto blog side of WordPress hosted by them) to get it […]

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Customizing Your WordPress Blog with Themes

Ok so it didn’t take me long to figure out that I was not going to get the look I wanted with only plugins, widgets, and sidebars. I’ve learned one of the things that makes WordPress so popular is how customizable it is, and custom themes are definitely the way to go. Make your site […]

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Sidebars and Headers – What Fun

Ok we’re back.  Yes it’s been a while…a long while…but we are back now and ready to get cranking again. Maybe you thought we quit already – after all that big talk.  HA. On the contrary…we don’t quit…we don’t know the word. We might get sidetracked from time to time, and go off on another who […]

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Moving…slowly, but moving

ok… I’m reading the How-To’s … both from WordPress and from other bloggers… anything i can find i will start to read…and I’m going to share it all with you. Silly as it might seem…I just can’t help but think if I need this… if I don’t know this stuff…well maybe there is someone else […]

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My First Blog Post

Ok this is pretty hilarious and I’m chuckling some as i write this… but I’m going to bare it all (not literally) in my quest to attempt to become a blogger. I’m documenting this for a couple reasons.. one is to try and get past a fear of being shy and expose my real self. […]

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