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What Happened To Facabook’s Organic Reach .. Where Did It Go?


organic-reach-jpgOrganic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered

Are you frustrated with your facebook posts reaching only a small percentage of your friends or fans?

Are you familiar with the term organic reach? … Do you know what it is?

It seems you’re not the only ones that are frustrated…apparently plenty have been asking Facebook what’s going on.

In this post we are going to summarize their answers to the inquiries, taken from their blog earlier this summer.

So let’s start with a definition of Organic Reach according to Facebook: Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page. They go on to say that they know the severe drop in reach is a pain point for many businesses, and that they are committed to helping you understand what’s driving the change.

organic-reach-jpgWhy is organic reach declining?

There are two main reasons.

1. More and more content is being created and shared every day … far more content than there is time to absorb or read. As a result, competition in News Feed is increasing, and it’s becoming harder for any story to gain exposure. In addition people are also liking more pages…50% more than last year, increasing the competition even more.

2. This involves how News Feed works. It’s designed to show people content that is relevent to them. They choose by looking at thousands of factors relative to each person.

According to them they have made some key changes to improve how News Feed chooses content. They say they’ve gotten better at showing high-quality content and that they’ve cleaned up the spam. The result: News Feed is becoming more engaging even as the amount of content being shared continues to grow.

Why not just show everything — every piece of content from every friend and Page — and let people decide what they want to see?

There are issues with this that create unwanted limitations. People are busy and only have so much time. They will miss content that is not near the top but that they would find most valuable to them. Facebook claims that through their testing they have determined that the News Feed ranking system offers a better more engaging experience for users.

Is organic reach dropping because Facebook is trying to make more money?organic-reach-jpg

They say no, but that’s debatable for many I’m sure. They claim their goal is simply to provide the best experience possible. They also say it’s better for businesses. The more active and engaged they are in their News Feed, then the more active and engaged they will be with business content.

Is Facebook the only marketing platform that’s seen declines in organic reach?

The internet is trendy, as are marketing platforms. Search engines provided way more traffic to businesses then they do now. As the competition to rank high got more fierce the engines had to work harder to provide the most relevent and useful content, and as a result organic reach diminished. Any marketing platform that grows at a fast rate and gets saturated will cause challenges for the platform to continue to provide relevent and valuable content to the users.

Ok, there’s more content now. But what’s the value of having more people like my Page? I paid good money for my fans on Facebook, and now I can’t reach as many of them.

Fans absolutely have value.

– Your ads drive on average 50% more recall when a person sees that their friend likes your business… The more fans that you have, the more of their friends will pay attention.

– Fans give your business credibility

– The more engagement you get, the further your reach.

– Fans also make the ads you run on Facebook more efficient in our ads auction.organic-reach-jpg

So, how should I use Facebook for my business?

Organic reach has diminished, yes, but organic content still has value, and Pages that publish great content — content that teaches people something, entertains them, makes them think, or in some other way adds value to their lives — can still reach people in News Feed.

Having said that, Facebook is far more effective for business when you add paid advertising to the equation. You will reach a broader audience, with leads to greater returns.

How do I know things won’t keep changing?

Things will keep changing… hopefully more often for the better. Facebook says they will continue to innovate on our behalf, and that they will be more transparent and helpful to the businesses that market on facebook. It’s yet to be seen exactly what that means

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