September 4


Blogging Tips – Get Started, Get Some Video’s Out, and Brand Yourself

By Brett Gurney

September 4, 2014

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The #1 best blogging tip I can give is to just begin.

I’ll help with this process if you follow along, but to just begin is what will break down all the barriers.

Once started the rest will come easily enough. Start blogging, get some videos out, get more comfortable in front of the camera, and start your journey.blogging-tips.jpg One of my biggest roadblocks was the nagging thoughts of what I would blog about, what I would talk about, and when and how I was going to get started. But when I got started it opened the floodgates and the thoughts and ideas came to me … I’m sure it will be similar for you… and now I find today that I will never run out of material or things to say and talk about.

Here’s another blogging tip… find yourself a good mentor and/or online training course. Get the training, absorb the training, then blog and video about it. The writing and videos help to process the information so it sticks and you will learn and remember better and faster. It doesn’t matter the exact subject or topic..anything that interests you and that you want to share with others.

If you want to attract people with an interest in home business, network marketing, blogging, video marketing, content marketing, or anything similar then start learning those topics so you can teach what you learn.

Start giving your own blogging tips. The education you share can become a product on it’s own… one that you can use to generate leads with and create an income with. People are attracted to those who are providing good content that will help them solve a problem. This will establish you as a leader and as someone they will want to follow and continue learning from. Information is in high demand and if you provide it people will want to partner with you and work with you. They will come to you instead of you chasing them. This is the attraction marketing concept, and it works. Anyone can do this there is no experience required whatsoever.

When I started I knew nothing about blogging or video… I was totally green and didn’t know where to start or what to do. But I started reading, following the instructions and going trial and error… the slow long hard way figuring it out on my own. It was a process and a learning curve but now we are starting to cruise. Finding the right mentor or trainer can knock a lot off that learning curve. I got the blogging tips from that training and started applying myself. You don’t have to do what we did…all that trial and error… we’ve done it for you …

Now we invite you to follow along the journey. Get your domain name, hosting account, set up wordpress with a good theme, and start writing content. I talked about how helping others has it’s benefits and that it’s also an excellent way to learn and to retain information. Getting a blog established on the internet has many other benefits as well ..including name branding and recognition, and lead generation with minimal capital outlay. If you want to start establishing yourself as a leader and practicing the attraction marketing methods which is the fastest track to success, then get started with these activities. I hope my blogging tips can help you get started too.

Watch my video for further clarification.

by Brett Gurney


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Striving for Excellence

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