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Linkedin Marketing – How to Use LinkedIn Correctly & Professionally


LinkedIn Marketing – Do’s and Dont’s

Linkedin is becoming more popular every day… it’s the business persons social media site and I know many of you have profiles over there… but do you really know how to use Linkedin for business…properly and with good etiquette?

linkedin-marketing-jpgIn this post we are going to list in a very simple and structured way, the top 7 Do’s and the top 7 Don’ts of how to use Linkedin the right way, to benefit your exposure and your business.

LinkedIn Marketing & Etiquette : 7 Things You Must Do…

1. Personalize your connection requests – Default messages are impersonal and can be a tad annoying to some people. Get personal with your requests for better results. LinkedIn marketing only works if you do it right.

2. Have a profile picture – this is common sense right? I personally won’t connect with anyone who doesn’t have a profile picture. I want to connect with other professionals. A slew of images come to my mind in regards to those who don’t bother to show themselves … I won’t mention them.

3. Personalize your recommendation requests – for the same reasons. If you want recommendations back then get up close and personal. Show others you mean business and that you are not playing.

4. Keep it professional at all time – there are other social media sites more tolerant of games and romance…keep it professional on Linkedin if you want to benefit from it.

5. Turn off notifications when updating your profile – this applies more to multiple updates in a day. Let’s not make it annoying for people. If you find yourself making a lot of changes then turn off the notifications you don’t want to blast people.

6. Send a welcome message – one that provides value. You will get their attention and you will brand yourself as a serious person that is professional and courteous.linkedin-marketing-jpg

7. Nurture relationships – regularly. Creating and maintaining relationships is the name of the game. That’s what it’s all about. Continual communication is what sticks in people’s minds. Brand yourself through repitition…but always keep it business, professional, and valuable!

7 Things You Must NOT Do…

1. Don’t send spammy messages to your contacts – It’s the worst thing you can do in any Social Media platform. No “here’s my link buy my stuff” or any variation of… that’s cause for instant removal…and you will get removed. Your LinkedIN marketing should not be abusive or intrusive. Leave that for the amateurs.

2. Don’t over-post – multiple posts daily may not be the best way. Any more than one you better make sure it’s some darn good content.

3. Don’t ask people you don’t know for recommendations – it’s just lame and looks desperate. Instead concentrate on posting high value content and you’ll get the recommendations.

4. Don’t comment negatively in groups – or anywhere for that matter… it’s whiny and pathetic and no one likes whiny.

5. Do not post self-serving content in groups – groups are not for spamming your business…groups are for conversation, ideas, thoughts, input, asking questions, and providing answers. The goal of the content is to provide value and help. Are you seeing a pattern yet… value, value, value.

linkedin-marketing-jpg6. Don’t ask people to like your facebook page – again… lame! You shouldn’t even do that on Facebook… post your content and if it’s good content with value people will like the page simply because they like the page.

7. Don’t ask new connections or people you don’t know to endorse you – they don’t know you why would they endorse you. Introduce yourself instead and provide some good content… you’ll get your endorsements. Endorse others and they will endorse you back.

So …there you have it. LinkedIn marketing can be hugely beneficial if you treat it and your connections as you would want to be treated. With respect. Use common sense, be polite, provide good content and solutions to problems that people in your target niche may have, and you’ll be just fine. You’ll learn and fine tune as you go. These are general tips and techniques but if you follow them you’ll be looked at as a responsible and a professional marketer.

by Brett Gurney


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