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Your Best Network Marketing Strategy Might Not Be What You Think


Are you struggling with a network marketing strategy that really works?

In this post we are going to outline a strategy that you may be overlooking.


Network marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle … lots of little pieces that need to be put together to create the big picture. Some will stick with it and complete the puzzle, and others will not. It’s not easy and it’s not a walk in the park. It takes dedication, determination, and a will to succeed… but those who do will totally transform their network marketing businesses, and their lives. The end result is certainly worth the input…and a sense of accomplishment, not to mention financial independence, is what will keep the gamers in the game.

Your mindset is one of those puzzle pieces, and a major one at that. Learning to stop pitching your biz to everyone you meet can be a transformation in itself… it can he hard to break that mold, but once the light bulbs start to go off then it really does begin to make sense. After all, no one likes to be sold or convinced or persuaded, and genuinely helping people first is a great network marketing strategy for reversing the prospect chase. Stop the promotion of your business first and only…instead take more of a consultation approach, and great things will begin to happen.

network-marketing-strategy-jpgYou truly offer nothing of value by talking about how amazing your company or product or compensation plan is anyway. People don’t care about this bonus or that bonus, or this miracle juice or that magic supplement.They care about how you can assist them and make their lives better and easier. They care about benefits not features. They care about family and time and financial freedom…and they care about how you can help them achieve those things.

I’m not saying hide your MLM… I’m saying get to know people first, offer something helpful and valuable, and let one thing lead to the next. Let the situation determine itself. If you’re truly listening and offering to genuinely help you will know the right thing to do, and when. It’s not rocket science, just common sense. Most people already have a business, and it may not ever even come up. Not to say that’s the end of your relationship, it’s really just the beginning. There are other ways to monetize. You could offer an affiliate product…such as training or marketing tools and systems. You can provide coaching or web services if that’s something you are good at.

Sometimes just sewing goodwill can be the biggest benefit of all, that matures and blossoms into something major down the road. network-marketing-strategy-jpgSimply gaining their positive attention is a great first step toward planting a seed in their mind about who you are. You’re sewing goodwill. Do this with enough people, and consistently over time, and you will have them coming to you. They will ask you what you are doing, and expressing an interest to partner with you. That is the highest qualified prospect there is, and a network marketing strategy that works and that everyone should become more familiar with.

One thing is for sure. You don’t ever want to write people off if they say no to your opportunity, and if you do you are not operating from a successful business philosophy. You are not cultivating and nurturing the prospect or your relationship with them. You are throwing away what could easily develop into something much more, and you are certainly not showing the way or leading a good example.

We hope this has opened your eyes to a slightly different yet highly effective network marketing strategy that you will begin to implement immediately.

by Brett Gurney

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