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Authority Figure – Would You Consider Yourself One?


What would you consider an authority figure to be?

Are you one?

How can it help a network marketing business?

Aside from all the routines, tasks, and activities that fill the day of an internet marketer, and the tactics and strategies related with getting exposure online, engagement with social authority-figure-jpgmedia, and ranking with SEO, there’s one vital thing that we must all work towards and develop to become better marketers…

Becoming an authority figure in your niche, and in the eyes of your followers.

Being looked at as a person who has answers, can guide, direct, and lead, is crucial to our success. We must be recognized as leaders in order to gain followers, and to answer doubts and concerns about doing business with us. Leaders provide valuable information or content because that’s what people want, and giving them what they want is key to success.

So many people are struggling. They don’t know where to start, what to do, and where to go next. They are looking for someone to point them in the right direct, and to be available when they have questions, and to be able to answer those questions. We do not have to be experts. We only need to know a little more than the person who has not reached our level yet. They don’t care if you are an expert. They only care if you can help.

If you can be that person, then you will be perceived as an authority figure …someone who has answers. Someone who can be followed, authority-figure-jpgand trusted. Gaining trust from your followers will ensure their loyalty to you. They will do what you suggest and recommend, and they will partner with you in business. Helping people to feel secure and confident because of your leadership will help them give an honest effort and to take effective action, and to keep trying. They won’t be so easy to give up. They see what you have accomplished and they know they can depend on you to continue guiding them.

Having the technical know-how and knowing the strategies and techniques to be an effective internet marketer is a huge part of the equation, but really is just a means of finding people. Having the leadership skills and becoming looked at as an authority figure will ensure you keep them after you find them.

If you can do both, then you will have success with your internet marketing and network marketing adventures. Continue honing your technical skills, and continue giving yourself freely to help others, and if you do, not only will you find the success that you deserve, but you will help others find theirs as well.

Become an authority figure in the eyes of those who are following you, and you are well on your way to a life of abundance.

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

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