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Look Where You’ve Been, To Know Where You Need To Go


Internet Marketing Freedom – My Journey

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to break out some old material… to refresh ourselves… to remember where we were, so we know where we’re going.


Internet Marketing Freedom

Does that make sense at all? Getting stuck is easy to do. We all lose our way from time to time. So why not revisit and see where we were, what our reasons and motives were, what we were trying to accomplish, where we were intending to go, and why.

Things change, it’s natural… goals and visions change…but I also know that it doesn’t hurt, and sometimes it can help, to break out some of that old material…. and if nothing else it can be good for a laugh. Why not see if we’ve improved, stayed the same, or gone backwards. Let’s re-evaluate and determine if there’s a course we need to get back on. It can’t hurt, am I right? … we might find that we are now on the right true course, and then again we might find that we’ve gotten away from that true right course.

So… what do you say… let’s break out some old material, and share and blog about it. It is content after all, and why not have others see where we were and where we are now. Who knows maybe it will help someone… and like I said if nothing else it’s always good for a laugh.

Here’s a  video from Jan 10, 2014… “My Journey to Internet Marketing Freedom ” … and I must say in some of these areas I’m about where I was then… in other areas I feel there’s been some significant improvements and advancements. And wow some of this just drags along.

by Brett Gurney

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